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  1. I've looked through the numerous letters they've sent me came across a statement of account it seems the last payment was in September 2011. The original lender was HSBC Bank and it was for a bank account and therefore an overdraft - the balance is just over £1200. I'll request my report from Experian (I've exhausted the free period), Noddle has nothing for me strangely. Any advice on how to proceed with Restons before they take it to court?
  2. Ok, I'll go through the all letters over the weekend and come back here - they are quite a lot, I think. Thanks
  3. But I thought Restons are very ligitious. I read that here and send them the CCA, but I did put at the top of the CCA request 'I do not acknowledge ANY debt to your company'. I'll go through all the letters I have been getting from Cabot to find out more. Thankfully, I didn't bin them. But any more advise on how to proceed would be much appreciated, not sure I can just ignore them!
  4. Hmmm, but what do I do now? They have sent back the letter with the postal order. it was probably an overdraft - does CCA request apply to them?
  5. Hi there, I'm back again for some much needed advice. I have been receiving letters from Cabot financial for a while which I have been ignoring as I had thought it was statue barred - will be SB next year. However, they have referred my file to Restons Solicitors Limited who have sent me a letter threatening court action. I then sent them a CCA request (realised after, I shouldn't have given it doesn't apply to bank accounts - is this true?). the CCA request was unsigned and they have sent the letter back stating they will not be dealing with an unsigned
  6. Yes, the property is joint on a tenants in common agreement and all the debt are in his name only
  7. Yes, that's my fear. Just want to make sure our home is protected.
  8. Thanks for your replies. He has several credit cards, with vanquis, Santander, Barclays, Amex and an Argos store care and loan. Total debt 35k
  9. My husband has debts totalling £35k which he has not defaulted on. He is about to go back to full time education and is thinking of writing to all creditors ( this includes credit and store cards and an unsecured loan). He may be offering token amounts of between £1-5 per month. What happens if creditors refuse to accept token payments? How can we protect our home? We own our home on a tenants in common agreement. I am a bit concerned that the creditors will come after our home. What can he do to prevent charging orders etc? Thanks for any advice given
  10. the 'offence' was on 12th August. I am about to send the attached letter, this is the one I attached earlier - I got from this site. Is it ok to send it please? Thanks
  11. Sorry, my mistake - it's a parking charge notice (PCN) and was sent to my husband who is the registered keeper. It had 2 photos of my vehicle entering and leaving the carpark
  12. Hi all, Would appreciate some advice on this please as I've had no dealings with this company. I went over the 3 hours free parking (6 hours in total). I truly had no idea I would received a fine, but now I know I wont be parking there. So, what do I do? Pay the reduced amount of £40 or ignore them? I also saw this brilliant letter - see attached! Should I send the letter, ignore them or pay up? with thanks
  13. Strangely, I got through to them a few minutes after posting (I have been waiting for over a month). Appointment booked for Friday...adopting a wait and see approach! Thanks
  14. I got a quote from a Kent company to have my smashed double glazed window replaced, and I am still waiting for the work to be done. I paid a deposit of £50 by cheque - I'm I likely to get my money back. Who do I contact? - I have called the company on numerous times, but no reply, I even emailed them. Have I been scammed? They seemed very professional, I got a receipt on a very professional paper. The company is www.windowmedickent.co.uk All they have is a free phone number, which I thought was a reputable company. Can anyone advice where I go fr
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