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  1. Demon...you're an angel.....will write my snotty letter tonight at work and post it tomorrow....they can stick their debt collection where the sun don't shine!!! Cheers.x;)
  2. I have been in dispute with Euro Car parks about a supposed PCN. They wrote to me in mid December 06 stating that i had incurred a ticket while staying longer than 2 hours in a Sainsbury's car park, in Sept 06. I wrote and disputed this after advice from a traffic policeman friend. I then recieved a letter from a Debt Collection agency stating that Euro Car parks had passed my case to them as I had 'failed to pay within the psecified time'. I rang them and stated I was in dispute and asked them to wait for the outcome. I haven't heard anything since...until last week when I recieved another
  3. I was wondering if anyone could provide any advice as to my current situation. I've been a longstanding orange customer and last year in august upgraded my phone again, with an associated 12 month contract for 200 free x network mins and 500 free texts. However, at the beginning of April, I recieved a bill from them where they had charged me for every text message, which raised my bill by £50. As I am a student on a careful budget, I attempted to ring them on a number of occasions over the next two days but was left holding for ages, so I went on their website. There was a link there where you
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