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  1. I hope so, like you said there's alot of us, and we need out money back. I'm sure the banks are rubbing their hands at the moment. The longer they can hang on to money, the better it is for them. I also wondered if the credit crunch might hold off any judgement, as the government has been bailing banks out. (I'm not sure where it's up to at the high courts right now)
  2. I haven't phoned them in years, last time I phoned them was about 3 years ago requesting statements . It really pains me to call them, but if I have to in future, I've now got the numbers. Thank you. The Bank of Abbey Dick Turpin National have enough money out of me as it is
  3. My case has been on hold for a couple of years now. Is anyone else in the same boat? Is there light at the end of the tunnel?
  4. Do you know if there are any letter templates available for the hardship claim? Good luck with your claim Charley
  5. Well my case is now a couple of years old, and is still stayed. I was made redundant at the end of October as part of a full site closure. The redundancy money (what little there was of 3 years service) has now dried up. I'm struggling to get back in to work. I have a loan and VISA that I have to pay each month. Do you think I might have a chance of them reassesing under hardship? Does anybody know if any of these stays are being lifted, or how long it will be until the high courts make a ruling?
  6. Has this now been lifted as I haven't heard anything? Do I have to take any action at the moment, or do I wait? All help appreciated
  7. Has anyone else lost hope after their case was stayed?
  8. I've lost all hope now. I really don't think the test case will go in all our favours. Does anyone else feel like this?
  9. Hi Jo. Nothing was mentioned about an appeal, but I did say I objected to it. The Judge had made his decision before I even got there I think. Shame I had to take a day off work. Like you said, the DJ could have written to me. I just hope now the test case works in our favour
  10. well back home. Abbey showed up, tried the waiting room intimidation. Seems the judge decided to stay it. Abbey didn't even need to make the application. I did say my case was an old one, and felt it shouldn't be stayed. Nothing I could have done. Feel crushed.
  11. well after receiving a letter a few weeks back from Abbey telling me they would be applying for a stay, I have heard nothing. today's the day. I'm in Court at 11.50am. If you're watching Rekka, see you there!
  12. I will send today (already printed the letters off), but my court case is on Tuesday. Their letter to me was dated 7th August. I will hand post a copy to the court today, and there is a post office open in Asda all day, so I'll send the Abbey letter today special delivery. I don't know why the woman at MCOL would have said I don't need to contact Abbey.
  13. oh dear, the letter did say that
  14. I'm a bit worried about not sending Abbey a letter stating I do not accept the small payment they put into my account as full and final. I phoned MCOL the day is happened, and asked the lady if I need to write to or contact Abbey, and she said no, just continue with the claim as it is. My hearing is on Tuesday. Could this jeopardise my case?
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