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  1. Thankyou for the info, david_v_g - as per the advice and information issued in that thread I have initiated a claim against Hermes. The sample wording on the thread was particularly useful. I'll update on here as to any responses!
  2. Hi - I have been having trouble receiving any compensation (or even any engagement) from a parcel I sent via MyHermes/Packlink. I'll relate the story via a time-line: 19/01/2020 Sold item on ebay. Item details as follows: Jane Matrix Light 2 - Multifunction Infant Car Seat. Boxed and as new - Value £100. 20/01/2020 Looking into posting the item I see that ebay now offer a complete service whereby you can pay and print packing labels, etc. They allow option to Choose Courier so I did so and selected MyHermes. Paid for postage, printed label and arranged pick up by local courier. Postage costs £7.39 and insurance paid for. 22/01/2020 Courier picked up parcel and gave me tracking number. Check tracking daily from this point on. 27/01/2020 First mention of any trouble on tracking info: "We're not able to deliver your parcel to the address we have. Please get in touch so we can get it back on its way to you." 28/01/2020 Ring Hermes customer services. Confirm recipient address details etc. They say they'll attempt redeliver. 30/01/2020 Parcel has still not arrived so ring customer services again. They admit parcel misplaced but that they'll do a "depot sweep". This is unsuccessful so they direct me to filling out claim forms. It then emerges that Hermes are not accepting that it is them that I'm dealing with and direct me towards a company called "Pack Link". This is literally the first time I have heard of them, I do not remember seeing anything relating to them when paying and booking postage. However, I go do the route of filling out their forms etc. From this point until today, I have been in touch with Packlink approximately every day. They keep replying to me that they need some kind of new proof of purchase/proof of value etc (screengrabs and the like) but despite complying with requests throughout they always say something like "that screengrab is too small" or "it's blurry". I have been meticulous in providing them with multiple proofs and multiple formats (even painstakingly making pdfs and word docs with very clearly visible information) but they still reply that they need other proof. They have now stopped responding altogether. If I then take the complain to Hermes, they completely brush it off and tell me that my contract is with Packlink. I note that Packlink are based in Spain, making it near impossible to pursue any kind of grievance procedure with them. Does anyone please have any advice as to this matter? Is it worth me taking Hermes to the Small Claims Court, or would that likely be brushed off due to "contract being with Packlink"? I would be immensely grateful for any help and advice - as it stands at the moment I am £107 out of pocket as, out of decency, I have refunded the party that purchased the item. My complaint seems to be on standstill so I am at a loss of what to do now. Thankyou in advance,
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