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  1. Thanks for the reply Pat, that was a great piece of info. I have wrote back to argos saying;


    I am writing to inform you that you that the Data Protection Act requires that the data be intelligible. If it is using codes, then these codes should be explained.


    The screen prints that you have provided do not clearly identify what all the transactions and charges are for and I believe that you have failed to meet your obligations under the Data Protection Act Section 8(2) which states amongst other things “and where any of the information referred to in section 7(1)©(i) is expressed in terms which are not intelligible without explanation the copy must be accompanied by an explanation of those terms"

  2. got a letter from BLS yesterday (02/07/07) saying that my monthly offer of £32.28 has been accepted. the cheek, i never made them any offer of payment and my previous letter to them denounced them as my creditors or any debt that was enforceable.

  3. Hi hana, by lloyds paying themselves out of the account do you mean that they are still taking a direct debit to pay your loan and is the loan still active? If your loan is still active then you can request a copy of your agreement under the consumer credit act 1974 (S77-79) and if they fail to provide it within 12 days then the debt is unenforceable and you can stop paying. Then i would also submit a subject access request under the data protection act to get all of your banking history with lloyds.

  4. Hi itsamomentintime and thanks for the reply. I agree with you that i dont believe that they have satisfied there obligations under the act but what can i do about it? they are still sending me statements and still charging me fees for not paying them. thanks

  5. my original CCA request was dated 08 may 07, to which they first of all wrote to tell me that they didnt have one to which i replied then finally on 09 Jun 07 i recieved the application form. i replied on the 16 jun 07 and have not heard back yet. any advice?

  6. Alas, argos have sent me my monthly statement today with a late payment fee after i wrote to them explaining that an application form is not an agreement in my opinion and the agreement is in dispute. how nice, i still aint paying them.

  7. Hi all, i am currently battling argos and i am after a little advice please. firstly i have recieved my 'application for an argos card' form in reply to my CCA request, surely this cant be an agreement? then i have also got my statements back from my SAR except they are screen prints of my statements from 22/10/01 to 22/06/06 which are all in codes with no explanation. have they satisfied there obligations? and if not, what can i do about it? any help appreciated.

  8. I have recieved a letter from SC&M demanding payment IMMEDIATELY or they will commence legal proceedings for either an attachment of earnings, warrent of execution or a charging order. Im starting to get really worried now.

  9. hi, im new to CAG and to forums and chatrooms, so not to sure what im doing. Ill pre warn all that i tend to miss words out the more i type so i apologise. have 3 bank accounts, a personal loan and a credit card all with lloyds. Im getting myself all confused and would appreciate a little light.


    8/6/07 hand delivered a CCA request for the loan and credit card. recieved a letter from lloyds dated 11/06/07 stating credit card was in arrears etc but no mention of CCA request. 22/06/07 recieved a default notice on loan dated 18/06/07.


    I wrote to lloyds dated 27/06/07 stating that they took more than 12 days and contract is unenforceable so im not paying till they cough up an agreement (although i have a seperate but connecting issue regarding an application as an agreement)


    i digress, on 31/06/07 i recieved a letter from lloyds dated 23/06/07 stating my account details in brief and informing me that "if you want copies of the original agreement you signed, you can get these at the branch where you opened the account" (some 400 miles away).


    On 09/06/07 i recieved a letter from SC&M about the loan requesting full payment of the loan within 7 days after their clients constant attempts to contact me.


    I wrote to the solicitors and informed them of my various letters to lloyds aswell as my position with regards to the CCA.


    on 12/06/07 lloyds cashed my personal cheque for payment of the CCA fee.


    15/06/07 recieved letter from BLS collections demanding payment for the credit card. i replied the same day infoming them that BLS Collections is a trading name of lloyds and as such, all communication to llloyds applys to them but if however they were an independant company then they are both in breach of the data protection act and i do not acknowledge them as the creditor.


    16/06/07 sent of my SAR for my statements as im going for bank charges aswell.


    25/06/07 recieved a letter from BLS claiming my ignorance and demanding contact to which i replied enclosing my original letter, again.


    so, lloyds have committed an offense under CCA for breach of 12 days + month and what do i do now? im a little lost.

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