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  1. i filed an N1 with the county court for non compliance plus damages. they filed that they were going to defend but couple days after i got a letter saying that they would sent me every statement on my account and pay my damages in full if i drop the case with no liability to any party.


    i agreed and now have all of my statements.

  2. probably a stupid question but when you are filling in the statement balance cell from the complex credit card calc spreadsheet, do you enter the number as a negative or positive.


    with regards to credit cards, is the number a negative because you owe them; it is a debt.

    advice would be appreciated as the outcomes are significantly different.

    thanks, pete

  3. Obviously they will be getting a letter from me regarding the fact that they are chasing a legally disputed debt, any tips on what how I should word my reply gratefully recieved!


    with regards to the agreement in question, this is an agreement between Egg and myself, and is currently in dispute. Egg are in breach of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (sections 77 - 79) by failing to respond to my written request (insert details of request date etc) and, as a period of 12 days plus a month has expired, the agreement is unenforceable and Egg have committed an offense.

  4. help please, argos have not responded to my court case and they have to of submitted a reply by this monday 25th. i am taking them over non compliance of my SAR? what happens next? i file for judgement in default then what happens regarding getting the answers to my SAR?


    i hope someone can help me on this, please.

  5. recieved a letter of buchanan clark & wells about my loan with lloyds. they like there scare tactics, writing the letter like a solicitors and stating "unless you make arrangements to settle in 72 hours, our agent may attend your premises"


    why dont Lloyds just give me a copy of my agreement? surely its got to be easier than this.

  6. Moorcroft replied today.


    Dear mr nfi247


    re: argos card


    i write in response to your recent dispute in relation to the above account and can confirm we have been in contact with argos card who have advised us that they have dealt with your letters accordingly and are not in breach of contract.


    i trust the above response has now resolved your dispute. i can confirm i have placed your account on hold untill 25 sept 07 and request you make immediate contact with our call centre on the above number to discuss a repayment proposal you can afford and maintain.


    however if you are unhappy with the information provided please contact us by return (or in any event prior to the above date)




    so a couple of questions to all, the date that argos must reply to my court case for non compliance of SAR is 25 sept 07 - could this have anything to do with it? and are moorcroft allowed to handle this if my creditor is argos? surely its a data protection breach? possibly?

  7. 14/9/07 - lloyds replied with the standard letter in reply to bank charges saying they are fair etc and included about the test case and oft ruling about putting of cases till the decision. i haven't received a single letter from lloyds that was not a standard computer made template letter.


    Just another to add to the pile.

  8. we're a funny lot like that, how we feel pleased at the news we have ran our account badly; yet saddened at the news that we ran it correctly. (lol)


    Have you checked if they have a properly executed credit agreement? if not then there might be a chance that the agreement is unenforceable at law. Just a thought, and sorry if its old news.

  9. the British Bankers Association is responsible for all dormant and lost accounts.


    the banking code (which all most all banks sign to adhere to) deals with this issue;


    "dormant and lost accounts, and unclaimed assets

    9.16 if you have money in a dormant account, it will always be your property ... no matter how many years pass

    9.17 if you ask us, we will tell you how to access these accounts either directly, or via the british bankers association


    there website has the appropriate leaflets and claim forms.

  10. I'm not new to the site, I already had success with Abbey, but I needed answers specific to Argos. If you know what the abbreviations mean I would be very grateful if you would share.


    sorry if i offended you in anyway, i can assure you i was trying to be helpful. As i have said, i am taking them to court to get those very answers (hopefully).


    From their prompt response I think Argos know they've misbehaved so I'd like to dispense with this as quickly as possible..


    unlikely, i think. just based on my own dealings. they like to drag it out.


    No, not sure what you mean by this would help if you did not abbreviate:) I have response to my S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) & pretty much just need to know what their abbreviations mean to be honest!


    My apologies, again. Consumer credit agreements, like your argos card, are governed by the Consumer Credit Act 1974. under sections 77-79 you have the right to request a copy of your agreement.


    the act places certain conditions on credit agreements and providers, but mainly it sets out what a legally enforceable agreement is (argos are renowned for not having correct agreements) and placing certain limits on how long your creditors have to reply to your request.


    if they breach these conditions then your agreement can become unenforceable at law. if they do not have a correctly documented, executed agreement then the whole debt can become unenforceable at law.


    i am being vague deliberately as i believe these points of law require alot of research before any posable action but could provide you with another cause of action.

  11. 1.Is there a link for an interest calculator for the compound interest?

    2.Do we know of anywhere I can translate these screenshots?

    3.Does anyone know why I would have charges of hundreds of £'s?

    4.Could these be the fees of the evil Moorcoft?


    to answer your questions:

    1. yes, there are spreadsheets on this site that will do it but you have other points to consider before worrying over compound interest.

    2. no, they are deliberately stalling. they are in breach of the data protection act so you need to pursue this.

    3. no but the SAR is suppose to answer this question. continue to be polite but firm to resolve this. by the way im taking them to court about this very point.

    4. yes they could be, but you dont know that so that is why you have the SAR.

  12. hello and thank you for your comments, firstly, lets not run before we can walk with regards to interest. start at the start with the basics (sorry, where else would you start?) anyway, if you are new to the site then as every one else says - read around. the FAQ's and such are a real must read to get a grip of the legal issues involved. you have your SAR and they have replied, just ask yourself - have they answered it in full to your satisfaction? i think not.

  13. well an update as it has been a while. i have reported lloyds breach of CCA to the OFT and Trading Standards as well as the FSA but they have replied that it is out of their juristiction. i have wrote to lloyds as well refuting the debt and requesting them to remove my defaults and i have sent them a letter before action for their non compliance of my SAR. that should keep them busy.

  14. Good luck on this one nfi247,

    Keep us posted


    Thanks and i will. I was left little choice as they are insistant that they have satisfied their obligations with a list of charges like:-



    2 x £10

    1x £7




    1 x £7


    this is not acceptable as how can i claim my charges back if they wont tell me all the information i need. well see what the court says. thanks for the support.

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  15. i need to report lloyds to trading standards for there behavior shall we say but i think i remember reading somewhere on this site that you have to sent the letter to their local trading standards. can any one confirm or deny this?

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