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  1. oiiiiii, is you implying I is an old person, Spammy?? For the last time MTM, I HATE ironing :grin: On a more excited note, (me thinks) I is looking forward to seeing you all pmsl NOTE: Due to me being a 'dirty' stoppout, I has the the Police, (with helichopper) & swat teams, watching, & all CCtv cameras in the immediate vicinity, trained on my house
  2. Me thinks you might be right there lol, just hope they don't send the rubber bus for us all!!!!.......:Dlmao
  3. OMG this thread is turning into a madhouse, gawd knows what it'll be like on friday..... lmao
  4. I'd have liked to spend 'em friday night at Wetherspoons, so they're no good to me at all, you keep 'em, me thinks you need 'em more than me!! Why don't you know missus??
  5. Nah then, that really depends on what it is, & how much your willing to pay me to keep quiet pmsl
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