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  1. IMHO I think that Tina's post is spot on, who in their right mind would even think of writing all the crap they do on here these days, this forum has gone way down in my estimation. It's OK that you think there is a "club", but what about the "club" on CAG, all you that think your all much better than the rest, NO-ONE is perfect, but what I will say is that, Tina has GOT many more brain cells than most of you put together. I would never ever slag my parents off on a public forum, I cherish every day that I have with them, I might not agree with them all the time, but I love them both very much........Rant over.........This is also my last post, I've had enough of this!!!!!
  2. Well done Spammie, & MTM, you both deserve a drink for this result.. It's really nice to know that MTM is still there for all us peeps who need his help!!
  3. Thankooo & yes please Jan, don't know Manchester, I'm lost without me satnav :D
  4. Count me in, I loves a good Paaaaaaaaarty. But has anyone any idea how much it's gonna cost me on the train from Leeds to Manchester pleeeeese........
  5. Sorry to have missed your birfday Tills, so I hope this will make up for it!!!
  6. I wouldn't want to, to have all my posts 'auto-unapproved' then passed to the site-team, to no-doubt be thrown out completely, I would much rather come back when I could post like any other person on this site. I think it's a travesty that MTM is treated in this way, when others are getting let off scot free!
  7. Bookie, I would like to ask you a question Are you familiar with the following link... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Founder%27s_syndrome ...You should be, because it is the one that you have banded about privately. So why, if you still believe that strongly that an 'Animal Farm' regime exists on the CAG site team, you even bother doing your usual trolling on the site?
  8. Sorry Janet, but I've been getting rather annoyed tonight?
  9. Yes it is, I typed it out on word first, just in case it gets lost, but you haven't seen it before as it's in MY own words, no-one elses. Why is it that people on this site always jump to the wrong conclusions?
  10. As most of you have probably noticed, I've not posted much lately & that is because everytime I have been on the site, I've noticed that CAG has gone into a steep decline with it's advice since the recent losing of the court cases & from what I can see, is that some of the present site team don't seem to have a clue as to what to do next and seem more concerned with petty point scoring than with actual getting on with helping people. I personally think that the site team are guilty of moderating the life out of CAG by being jealous of those people with a greater understanding than some of themselves & are taking it far too personally when they are put right. I would have thought that CAG would need all the help that it can get from capable posters instead of discouraging them. I have also noticed that other good posters have also been chased away over the last couple of years. Where will it all end? Will moderators choose people with brown eyes next week & then move on to people with black hair the month after?
  11. For a start, I do not wish to know the reason as to why he was moderated, as that would break confidentiality, of which I have to know a lot about that in my job! What I would like to know is why he hasn't been formally invited back to CAG, or is that too much to ask? & I'm sorry but as you are no longer part of the ADMIN or SITE TEAM then my question is not directed at you!!
  12. If he did, he would more than likely be banned from CAG now wouldn't he ? Please correct me if I'm wrong, but are you still part of the SITE TEAM/ADMIN ?
  13. Didn't think you were for one minute bill Would any of the ADMIN involved care to add to that statement please??
  14. That's OK, hilary, I'm sorry if I made seem as I was having a go, I didn't mean it to, I like you too (when is Mr hilary coming to Jimmys, so we can meet up during my lunch?). Thanks for your support sillygirl1, that's exactly my point!!
  15. No one is perfect hilary, we each have our own faults, large or small!! Well it seems that I am on my own on this one, & all I can say is; & I quote: "if he's gone for good" I reckon that you have lost someone who knows what he talking about & he's helped countless people including myself with their debt & housing problems!!
  16. I for one would like to know why (I'm sure I am not alone) MTM was moderated last year, it seems to me that whenever there are any problems, it is always him who has the finger pointed straight at him & is banished from CAG. What exactly is your problem? He has helped & advised endless people with their various debt problems! I would like to formally request that this ridiculous vendetta against MTM is dropped, then apologise & invite him back! Would everyone who agrees with me on this, please add your thoughts!!
  17. Happy Birthday MTM Thanks for all your help CAG SEEMS TO HAVE LOST ITS DIRECTION WITHOUT YOU!
  18. Hi Jan, yep, still OK but still battling that computer system, it's sooo big, I can't get me head round it at times lol. I'd come down to London, but me car's on it's last legs, it's in need of a lot of TLC & a lot of money spending on it, I just hope it lasts long enough for me to save up for it, or get another car; I hates buses. So glad it was rescued in time, hopefully I can get to the Manchester meet, but most deffo will be at the Leeds one. :grin:
  19. I was thinking of going to the Oxford meet at the last minute because I enjoyed the Leeds one so much, but when I saw Sequenci's facebook status on the night before I decided against it. I feel really sorry for those caggers that had already paid a lot of money, when it was obvious that he had made plans to be somewhere else despite asking people to come to his meet. 'Sequenci HQ Christmas bash - tomorrow Sat 12th Dec @ The Cellar.... Next allnighter Feb :)Fri at 19:06 · Comment ·LikeUnlike · View feedback (2)Hide feedback (2)' I've changed his facebook name to Sequenci so that he isn't recognised but I think that he has let everyone on CAG down and I can't believe that he still hasn't apologised although he's posted elsewhere on CAG since Saturday, e.g. X Factor in the bear garden.........like that's more important???
  20. Yer 'dirty' stop-out Tilly, yer should've give me a shout, I'd have give yer a lift to bus stop!! Jan, I is here, just been very busy at work, it's a massive computer program, & I got to learn about 75% of it!! lmao
  21. Thanks for one of the best weekends I has had for a long time, I hope we can do it again, but with even more of us parttttttttttttttttying next time I is now having a party at mine 'cos I has got what's left in them water bockles , nope it's not water, me thinks it's voddy but I hate voddy lmao Hils, pleeeeeeeease will you sign me up for next year hun!!
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