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  1. Thanks HB Theres a mountain of paperwork to get through - I'll be back
  2. One looks like it was through his employer at the time (originally Scottish Amicable which then transferred to Pru) and one looks like a private and separate It looks like he took a lump sum in 2008(when he retired) and has been receiving about 400 between the two since Does retirement annuity plan (non protected) sound right? Forgive me I am totally new to pensions
  3. Hi all My dad passed on Friday and he has 2 schemes with Prudential (Annuity I think) I'm going to call them tomorrow I have no idea how much he has in his fund but I do know he was getting about 400 per month from the two The mortgage is paid off on his and my mums bungalow and she gets about £70 per week from her state pension My question is - What can she expect in terms of pension from Pru and state pension? I know that may be hard to answer but at the moment we're just trying to get a ball park (There are no other assets to speak of) Cheers
  4. Thanks uncleI looked at the information that was on the policy doument and told them the new info - ie. engine size/garaged/mileage etcNot sure if that would make a difference
  5. Thanks UncleI checked on the documentation and it states that if there are any changes, then to call an 0844 number.........
  6. Hi AllI am in need of some helpI have been insured with Admiral for a few years and upon renewal I wrote to them to notify of a change of address and Car (bought myself a cheap run around as we had moved away from the train station I use)A week before renewal I wrote to tell them of a change of address and new carI got pulled over by the police for being on my phone (I was checking email in a traffic jam!)They checked if I had insurance on the car and it came back as not being insuredI called Admiral and they changed the details but would not back date it as they had not received the new detailsThey said it was my responsibility to check that they had received the details (I'm old fashioned and wrote in!)I know technically this is the case but this now means I will be prosecuted for driving without insurance...cue insurance going up massively and getting 9 points?!AARRGGGHHCan anyone help with this?
  7. Hi All Any updates on this? Just wanted some advice on next steps Cheers
  8. Thanks Emandcole I have had no notification of them knowing my new address. I can provide 5 witnesses that will state my car was on a private driveway (the people who i share a house with and my partner who was staying the night) What recourse do I have - Do I need to go to court? - Is this a seperate issue to how much I owe (or what the final settlement would be) to MB finance In other words - will this have any baring on how much my liability is or would be with MB finance (as they used a recovery company) Thanks
  9. Hi Emancole I paid less than a third, the car was removed from a friends house where I was staying on a private driveway in the early hours of the morning, no itinerary done, no note through the door and no prior notification (they may have sent something to my old address but of course the repo people knew I wasnt there) Car bought for 44k They want 29k from me I paid approx 7k before defaulting and losing my job
  10. Hello everyone I wrote to the solicitors about more documentation and asked the following: I write with regards to the above and your letter dated 18th August 2010 In addition to the documentation that was supplied by your client I also wish to obtain copies of the following; · Contract between your client and the appointed recovery agent (Eurodebt Recovery) · Details that Eurodebt recovery hold on me including instructions to recover the vehicle · True and original copies of the court order obtained to recover the vehicle or pre-possession order allowing Eurodebt recovery to repossess the vehicle · Vehicle report completed on the vehicle once it had been collected · Details of the bill of sale and instructions to the auction house that sold the vehicle · Details of Eurodebt Recoveries documented recovery procedures · Any other documentation relating to the appointment of and instruction to any recovery agents · Any other documentation relating to the state and contents of the vehicle I do not view this as an unreasonable request given that by supplying the documents which I have asked for it will allow me to assess if my case has merit and will help to resolve matters possibly without the need to involve the court and will undoubtedly save costs on both sides. I look forward to your reply. Regards TODAY, they replied; We refer to the above matter and your letter dated 20th August requesting further documentation in relation to the recovery and sale of the vehicle We do not consider that they requested documents are relevant to this matter and, accordingly, will not be providing you with copies The sum owed is £29,874.32 and we look forward to receiving your proposals for repayment of the same within 7 days of the date of this letter failing which we are instructed to issue proceedings against you without furter notice. Any claim made by our client will include a claim for costs, fees and interest. etc etc etc Given that they will or cannot supply this information - where do I go now? PLEASE PLEASE HELP
  11. Hi everyone Any ideas on where I go now? I was going to write to the solisitors and ask for documentation relating to court orders/bill of sale for the auction/valuation report etc Any further help on what to do? Thanks
  12. Hi Surfer The agreement I signed says Non-Regulated at the top The monthlys were 724 (over 36 months) = 26,064 (then there was the interest which was apox 5.5k) The car was sold for approx 17.5k I could do with some help in writing to the solicitors - can someone PM me and help with the letter asking for details of bill of sale, court order etc Can someone help please? Ta
  13. Thats Ok wannabe The position is that there could be some illegalaty in the way the car was reposessed - Do you think if I can prove this I may stand a chance of having the 'debt' cleared? ie - Car bought for 44k I paid 2k deposit paid 5.5k in payments They sold for 17.5k total recouped for MB finance is 25k They are chasing for the full 44 + what I would have paid in interest etc plus costs which is where they come up with the 29k I still owe I guess if the retail price was 44 plus 3k costs, that should bring the net total down to 22? I still cant afford to pay that though If I find that the recovery was unlawful, will that stand me in any stead for negotiating a reduction? Any ideas?
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