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  1. Business premises Unfortunately SP are the current supplier Have emailed their CS for clarification, I'm awaiting their reply
  2. As a verbal contract (which starts on the 30th June) was entered into according to Scottish Power CS when the MD was caught on the phone a few weeks ago Are there any options on how to cancel? I've asked for a copy of the Sales Call which requires a £10 cheque
  3. Thanks for the reply TBH I would be happy if DABS would offer technical advice and see if I could fix myself, however they either can't or won't offer tech support Think I'll phone CS and see what they say
  4. Purchased a laptop as a Xmas present (16th Dec), gave it to sister on Xmas day, a few weeks later she said she had the following issues -: Windows 7 Logon screen fills with characters on logon screen (no keys are stuck) If you put the laptop to sleep and turn back on again, the touchpad fails to work (you have to shutdown the laptop and re-boot to fix) I emailed DABS on the 11th Feb, asking if they knew of a fix to the above to which they replied "I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems with your item. In the first instance, you would need to contact the manufac
  5. Seems to be that when I lock the phone, it's more prone to turning off
  6. The O/S in Win Mobile 6.1 and I'm running the latest official SE firmware
  7. Thanks, I'll double check my paperwork from Phones4u to confirm
  8. Fair pidgeons on point 1 On point 2, at what point (when a product/service is'nt fit for purpose) in my case, the phone having been repaired under warranty twice for the same re-curring fault (and the same fault re-occurring weeks after the last repair), can you argue for a replacement or compensation? Point 3 - I deliberately left the phone in it's default state, with the latest firmware that SE left on the phone, to ascertain if it was an usage issue. Three weeks later, the phone is constantly freezing - surely that's not fit for purpose?
  9. Currently got a Sony Erricsson Xperia X1 phone which has been repaired twice in just under 12 month under warranty The phone was purchased from Phones4u on a Vodafone contract Sony Erricsson repaired the phone under manufacturer's warranty on the previous occassions! Since I received the phone, it worked flawlessly for 3 weeks, then the previous fault of randomly turning itself off 10-20 times a day has returned Looking at some of the forums, it seems to be an inherent fault in this handset and I'm not the only one experiencing this problem What are my options?
  10. I contacted Vodafone, told them I was'nt happy at them essentially trying to tie me to a new contract, said it would definetly lead me to leave to a competitor, but if they offered a cash credit it might be dissuade me doing so, got an email back offering £70 credit on my next bill - result
  11. Been with Vodafone for about 5 years, 3 years ago negotiated my current price plan which included a £14 Extra's pack FOC. However only noticed recently that since May 07 (when my 2nd 18 month contract commitment lapsed) that they have stopped giving me my £14/month credit. This works out about £70 extra I've paid (im on DD so did'nt notice the difference) Emailed Vodafone and they emailed me back offering me a £25 extras pack FOC for 3 months, but then advising me to pick a new plan & handset after those 3 months There are two reasons why I don't want to go for this dea
  12. Just had a phone call from the same lady. Totally different attitude. She's arranged for a FREE estimate at the local comet repair centre (about 5 mins from my door). However I won't know until the estimate is completed wether myself or Comet will be liable for the bill.
  13. Right, took the DVD recorder back to the shop and basically the shop manager never had a clue. He told me I had to contact Head Office as the store could'nt authorise a free repair. Comet contacted me this morning and a quite cheeky lady informed me that there was no way I was entitled to a free repair due to the DVD being nearly 18 months old and that I had misenterpreted the SOG Act and would have to pay for any repair. So what do I do now? Phone trading standards?
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