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  1. thank you so very much and apprently they haven';t recvied it but are looking for it with Haste(apprently) and I have to write them another lettter. also that was the world worst line ever for hearing anythign they had to say on the matter 1 thank you so much!
  2. ah i would ring them if i could find thr right number they appear to be very good at hiding the complaint number!
  3. I Have been through the motions and sent all the letters I finally agreed on there offer of £603.50 when i asked for £669.50 I saw no real problem with this i signed and sent back the form sayign i agreed to take no further action wich said the money would be inmy account with in sevrn days. It now has been three weeks and i stioll have no money i am just wonderign if there is anythign i can do to find out where it is and if anybody else has had this problem! thanks!
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