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  1. Hi I put in a claim with Halifax June 07 and like many others it went to court and had a stay put on it. However since then my marriage has broke down and I have had a huge pay cut. I hvae been through CCS who have suggested I write to my various creditors offering them a nominal £1 as this is all I can afford. Surely this is good enough grounds for the hardship case. If so how do I start that.
  2. Hi can anyone tell me what the latest stage is my claim has been on a stay since June last year because of the "big" court case. Do we just still wait and see or do we start chasing again
  3. Hi Is there any news on what is happening with the Court case? My application haqs been put on hold until this
  4. Hi Can someone explain to me what is happening with this Stay. My Claim is with Tunbridge Wells and they have replied with this "stay" does that mean my case is dead??
  5. Hi can anyone help. received from Tunbridge Wells County Court a General Form of Judgment or Order which basically says "this action be stayed pending the final decision in the test case etc etc" so does this mean I have to wait until January for the outcome????
  6. Hi I submitted to court my claim and have had confirmation back from them of Halifax's defence. I also received on 16th August a letter from Optima Legal Services a copy of Halifax's defence basically saying they agree with their fees. I have since heard nothing. What do I do now??? Does it mean that I am not going to get anything from them as they dispute my claim - especially with this Test Case going on??
  7. received today a very official form from the court showing defendants rubbish about how my charges are justifiable - presumably I just ignore this and sit tight and hopefully wait for the money to roll in!!!
  8. I have today received a letter from Halifax with their defence what do I do now????
  9. Hi Sea side lady replied to let her know when I heard back from Court. They have sent me a form to complete what does this mean - I think it is for when Halifax put in their claim. Am still worried that I won't get a pay out now tho because of this test case - has anyone else had a pay out at County Court stage since this test case decision.
  10. Hi I sent my County court papers by special delivery on Monday. But I understand claims are on hold until this test case. is this true? does this mean Halifax won't pay me now and I have now wasted £250 that I really cant aford?? Please help me someone
  11. Hi everyone. Well I have finally got the court papers ready. I am seding them special delivery today - just few queries: 1. Do I just send them or do I put a covering letter etc in 2. Once they have gone what is the next step 3. What is the time span between submitting and (fingers crossed) actual pay out Many thanks in anticiaption of your replies
  12. Thanks. I have completed it all. The account is in joint names so I have put us both as claimants do we both sign?? I have printed 3 copies one for the court, one for me and one for Halifax. Do I send Halifax theirs or do I send them both to the Court for them to pass on?? Sorry for all the questions but I want to get this in the post today
  13. Hi I am just putting together my N1 form. My claim is for £5,479.31 how much will the court fees be as you have to put it on the N1 form
  14. Thanks for the advice. I have actually sent them a letter with all the above mentioned. As it is costing me money in taxis etc. There is only one key for our Jeep. When we brought the Jeep from a garage they only gave us one key. I did look into getting another key but was told by Chrysler it was approx £160. I therefore didin't bother as it was a lot of money for a key to sit in a draw as a spare. I am not worried about the forensic testing as we have not had a key cut from it in the time we have had the car. It just annoys me that it has now taken an extra 3 weeks for this. We rang
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