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  1. I am worried about sending the acceptance without clauses letter incase they withdraw the offer, i have come so far with so much stress the carrot has been dangled and i want to grab it#!!?? will they still pay out if i don't agree to their terms
  2. oh i'm so giddy..... i have recieved a letter from SC&M this morning stating Accordingly, the bank is, without prejudice to the position set out above, willing to pay you the £9222.80 you are claiming by the bank charges and interest of £106.11 plus the court fees of £400 in full and final settlement of your claim. this will be paid on the following basis:- 1. the above amounts (8978.91 in total) will be credited to your account ******** by this bank. this payment takes into account the sum of £750 already paid to you by our client on 11/06/2007 2.The payment will be in full and final settlement. 3. The terms of this agreement are confidential to the parties and their legal representatives. 4. You agree to maintain your accounts with Lloyds TSB within your agreed limits and in accordance with the terms that govern the account. 5. You can avoid these fees in future if you agree an increase in your overdraft with the bank before you try to make payments that would take you over any previously agreed limits. If you do not do so, you will again incur fees. 6. You make contact with your local Lloyds TSB branch manager to arrange a review of your account. The bank wishes to avoid further situations which gives rise to disputes. a review may be useful to consider whether your current banking arrangements are the most appropriate for your needs. 7. You must notify the courts immediately once payment has been made and provide a copy of your letter to the court for our records please let us know whether you are prepared to settle this matter on these terms. if so, the bank will arrange to credit the above amount to your ********account. if you are willing to settle on this basis, please sign a copy of this letter as conformation that you are bound by it's terms, and return it to us as soon as possible we look forward to hearing from you at earliest convenience but not later than monday, 16th july 2007 yours faithfully SC&M !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WON :) :) :) as soon as the money is in my account i will make a donation to this site, i could not have done it without you all. thanks
  3. Thanks nicsussex further developments.... i rang at 15:00 today to make an app at my branch as requested in the letter from SC&M and was given an app for 14:30 on monday. at 18:30 'steve' who i've got the app with on mon rang and asked could i make it tomorrow instead, i told him i'm working and mon is the earliest i can make it - he then asked me to take all my documents along with me. he wants me to take my court bundle. i am dubious of taking it, is it ok to refuse. i don't want them to inform the court that i am being un-cooperative
  4. can anyone offer any support !!!! am i the only one to get a letter like this. i have read lots of threadsand cannot find anyone who has recieved this letter from SC&M
  5. Thank you Barty for your support. today i have recieved a letter from SC&M stating they intend to defend the claim on the following grounds 1. the fees that you seek are properly incorporated into your contract with the bank ; and 2. by making payments(whether by cheque, debit card or any other means) from your account where you have insufficient funds to cover them, you are making a request to the bank for an increased overdraft, which the bank may meet or decline. if it meets your request, you must pay the necessary charges. the issue of penalties only arises as a matter of law, where there has been a breach of conjtract, and there is no breach of contract here. Looking ahead, a situation which gives rise to a dispute is not one the bank wishes to continue. in view of this, you are requested, please, to make contact within 14 days with your local Lloyds TSB branch manager, on 0845 3 000 000, to review your account. a review may be useful to consider whether your current banking arrangements are the most appropriate for your needs. we await conformation from the bank that this action has taken place. is this a standard letter or am i in trouble!!!!
  6. the letter i sent with my AQ states The claimant will within 14 days of service of this order send to the defendant and to the court *A schedule setting out each charge repayment of which is sought, showing the date, amount, and reason given for that charge being made *copies of any statements or other documents relied upon as showing that each and every charge has been made; *a statement of evidence of all matters relied upon as tending to show that the charges are irrecoverable as penalties or otherwise; *copies of decided cases and other legal materials relied upon If the claimant fails to comply with this order, the claim will be struck out without further notice. does this mean i send my court bundle within 14 days to the court and to [problem]. if so who do i address the court copy to???
  7. I have sent my details to the administrator but they do not appear to be on the LTSB litigation list suzanne186, claim no 7SF02720, claiming £9222.80 (includes int) await court date sent AQ on 28/6/07
  8. you should print out the templet letter from the library, accepting the £750 as part payment and let LTSB know that you intend to continue the claim through the courts. why settle for £750! I have just completed my AQ and am waiting for a court date. there is plenty of help and support on this site.
  9. I submited my AQ on 28/06/07 and attached to it t a templet letter i found on this site stating the claimant shall within 14 days of service of this order send to the defendant and the court blah blah... i have put together the basic court bundle and added my own documents. do i just tske these to the court or do i wait for direction from thr judge? the templet letter i have sent states if i fail to comply with the order, the claim will be struck out without further order. i'm out of my depth and panicking....
  10. i have contacted the court and lloyds tsb have put in a defence and they are sending me the AQ. how do i inform the court that the bank have paid £750 into my bank ? is there a templet letter?
  11. LTSB have until tomorrow to file a defence, and yesterday they put £750 in my account and i recieved the standard letter as this being full and final settlement... i have sent the templet letter accepting the sum as only part of the total and informed them i intend to proceed in court, do i wait for a letter from court or do i ring them tomorrow!!
  12. i have recieved a notice of issue today stating the tsb have until 30th may to reply. do i need to do anything with this notice or do i just wait?
  13. i have had my current account for over 20 yrs and can't find the terms and conditions .. can anyone help
  14. help i need a copy of lloyds terms and conditions for a current account to go im court bundle.... can't find mine!
  15. ok, been to court and filed my claim for £9222.84. it cost me £250. i will be looking for more help when i get to the next stage but for now thank you all very much for getting me this far
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