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  1. Hi guys. Have received a claim form through Northampton CC from Tower Capital for a payday loan dating to July 2011. I understand that I need to respond to this one way or the other promptly however I could use some advice. The Claim form reads (word for word including typo highlighted): Mr *** *** signed a legally binding pay day loan contract on 20 July 2011, agreeing to pay back the loan 18 August 2011. However, Mr *** defaulted on this agreement and the loan remains unpaid. Despite our attempts to contact Mr ***, he failed to respond and therefore a Statuary Notice of Default was issued and sent to him on 6 September 2011. Mr *** has not responded to the Statuary Notice of Default and we therefore seek the Courts assistance in order to recover the monies owed by Mr *** ***. The claim is for £252. £227 + £25 court fee. I have not received a default notice and have had no contact from them by letter or otherwise. The original loan amount was £100 and they charged £20 to credit my account the remaining £80 the same day. They charge £27 per month per £100. I am currently unemployed and have been for around 4 months. This was something that has come out of the blue today. Should I agree to make payment, it will have to be on an instalement basis at this time. Any guidance here would be appreciated as to how to proceed.
  2. Hi Everyone, I purchased a Panasonic 42" LED TV on 26 April 2011 from Dixons website and have been very happy with it, pride and joy and all that. It has the standard manufacturer warranty, no fancy warranty was purchased. This evening however it has suddenly developed a thin horizontal black across the bottom of the screen that travels about 70% of the width of it. Rather distracting! Having a quick chat with their support line this evening (I need to call back during office hours to book it in) they advise that they will need to collect it to undertake a repair. I asked what the turnaround is on this usually and they say a week or thereabouts. Just a few questions I thought I'd ask.... 1) The TV is just a touch over 4 months old. Is it correct that Dixons should be collecting and repairing after this amount of time? 2) They say they do no give loan sets out. What would be a reasonable time that your main TV (front room) should be away being repaired for? From people's experiences, is it likely to be done in a week? 3) Should the repair take longer than a week, given that it's an item used every day, is it reasonable for us to be without it for a long period without another in the meantime? 4) I have a monthly sky+ hd subscription that is clearly going to be redundant whilst the tv is away. Is it just unfortunate or is there recourse for this loss whilst I'm unable to use the service with no display equipment? Any thoughts would be appreciated, Thanks, Steven
  3. Hi there. It's just one of those cheapie 'free with broadband' offerings that PC world had a couple of years ago. It's an E-Systems machine - I know nothing more I'm afraid. S.
  4. Hi there. A while ago my laptop developed a fault in that it would continually boot then shut down and restart....over and over. I tried all avenues to restore it to normal but wound up taking it to a local independent computer store to get them to look at it. They reinstalled all the software and apparently got it all up and running, however having paid for their service (£45) and taking it home, on the very first boot there was simply no display - the screen didn't work! This being a completely unrelated problem to the one it went in for, I took it back about 3 weeks ago. They believe there is a problem with an 'invertor' or something (apparently this illuminates the screen) and it needs a new one. I have rung them three times since only to be told that they are struggling to obtain a replacement for my machine, claiming it is too old (?! - it has windows vista, so not that old!). They continue to endeavour to locate this part. I have said I would be in touch again this coming week for an update. I am being very patient. Problem is, where do I stand if they cannot find this part? Are they obligated to sort this one way or another? I have not been at all confrontational and am giving them plenty of time, however I have a feeling I will have a rocky road ahead. This problem occurred whilst in their care, so do they have an obligation to fix it or replace it with an equivalent? Just trying to sound out what people think before it kicks off (which I fully expect might happen!) Thanks in advance, Steven.
  5. ok cool. I'll give them a buzz tomorrow if nothing materialises. I'll let you know how I get on. btw, congrats again!
  6. Nope. No letters. No contact at all. Will give them till the end of tomorrow and then look to call them. Hopefully mine is imminent given as it is only a day behind yours.
  7. Their 28 days run out on Saturday (23rd).
  8. Wow. Congratulations. Fingers crossed for me in the next couple of days then!
  9. Hi there. I am chasing charges from Barclaycard totalling around £1200. I received an offer a while back of around £500 which I rejected but, in an effort to settle this without proceedings, I offered a without prejudice figure of around £900 to settle as a 'goodwill gesture' This has today been refused and they are sticking to their guns. It now looks like it'll be the court route. I am currently going down this route with Halifax and Capital One and will need to wait for settlement on one of these before I take on Barclaycard. What worries me however is that it's my impression that Barclaycard tend to dig their heels in much more than other banks. Is this impression correct? Do they issue defences and let if go to the court date and actually turn up to defend? Is it quite likely I'll need to go to court to argue my case? Has anyone recently received full settlement from Barclaycard having gone through this process? Any confidence building advice would be appreciated. Steven.
  10. When i called them I got the impression that these claims are being dealt with all over the place in a kind of random way. I also think it depends who you speak with. The Customer Relation department (in my experience) just seem to fob you off and certainly won't know anything about the status of a litigated claim. Just hang tight. I would be astonished if they left if until the 28 days pass....even if they do you win anyway!
  11. Evening Dolphin. Rang them today on 01977 627359. Spoke to a decent chap called Chris who couldn't find my case initially but took my details and called me back within about 15 mins. He found the case on a 'spreadsheet' with others that were being worked through at the moment. He confirmed that they have until 23 June to respond by either submitting a defence or settling. He implied that it was not their policy to allow the 28 days to pass but also that they were running close to the full time period allowed at the moment and that I should just play the waiting game just now for their response. He gave the impression that various sections were dealing with these claims and couldn't specifically say who or where my case will be worked. When does your 28 days expire?
  12. Well, not a lot of success with my phone call today. Called the 01422 number and got a rather confused lady who, although worked for HBOS, had nothing to do with these claims or litigation at all. She suggested I ring the main switchboard and ask for the legal dept. I did this and was put through to the department that was dealing with this. They then passed me to some chump at their customer relations department who, despite me explaining the present position with the claim and that it's gone to court, asked me whether I'd received their first letter (the one where they'd said they'll take 8 weeks to deal with it) and whether I'd received their only other letter (no idea of the content but I imagine this will be the get lost letter). I advised I had received the former, she will send a copy of the latter. In the meantime she explained that I'll receive a response by 26 June. Despite then explaining that their time will run out for a defence submittal on the 23rd, I pretty much gave up at this point as I was getting nowhere fast! Anyway, I have another number which is an 01877 number that I'll try tomorrow to see if I get anywhere! Any news on your claim today Dolphin?
  13. Thanks for all your help guys and sorry to gatecrash too dolphin. Will give them a buzz tomorrow. Will come back to let you know how I get on if that's ok?
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