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  1. The four charges are from September-December 2005 - does that sound about right to you then? They total £140.
  2. I would like to claim the contractual rate in my store card claim against Argos, but I have come up against rather a huge snag. Either my maths is off (more than likely), or the calculator I used for my interest gave me an inaccurate total as it is scarcely more than the 8% I originally calculated. There is more detail in my thread (linked below) if anyone can clarify things for me I would be very grateful. Many thanks! http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/other-stores/113927-shoe-em-argos-store.html
  3. Holy underestimated interest Batman! I need help!!! I used the interest calculator above & calculated my interest at a rate of 28.7%. I added this figure to my final letter before court & sent it off recorded as per instruction. BUT... Reviewing the paperwork to claim on MCOL this week I noticed a glaring error. My interest calculation at 8% that I worked out at the beginning of this claim gave me £88.40 interest owed. However, the calculated 28.7% gave me an interest total of £111.61 I may be missing the principles involved (forgive me if this is glaringly obvious) but surely just the 28% interest by this calculation would stand at £309.40 by now (ie. three lots of 8% + one lot of 4% by my poor addled brain). 1. Am I losing my marbles? 2. If I'm correct is it too late to revise my request to them before I file with MCOL? Any tips/advice/clear thinking gratefully received
  4. Having just read 90% of a 19 page thread I discovered that none of the links to calculators work so I am here to renew my request for help. I really need to find the CCI calculator - or someone mathematically minded who knows their stuff I am claiming £228.40 if you include the 8%, but for the purposes of CCI the amount I am working with is £140 taken in four payments from 11.07.05 to 11.10.05 (there is lots more to query more recently but since we are still waiting on the information I'm keeping life simple & sticking with what they have acknowledged). If anyone out there can help I would be eternally grateful. Thanks guys!
  5. Okay they have entirely ignored me, & having waited for the post to catch itself back up I'm going to file with MCOL on monday. Can someone now please point me to where I can find the high rate interest calculator? Have warned them that if I did not hear I would be charging them interest at 28.7% as they have charged me. Now I don't know how to do that HELP!!!
  6. Thank you SO much nfi247! That was exactly what I needed, a concise clear explanation. I shall write off today for the CCA (!) & also ask them to provide a translator for all those pesky codes Shall keep this updated as things progress. I knew those statements came back a little too easily
  7. Well the above was supposed to address your previous question but has arrived at the end of your points so let's deal with that... I'm not new to the site, I already had success with Abbey, but I needed answers specific to Argos. If you know what the abbreviations mean I would be very grateful if you would share. As long as these are all reclaimable charges I really don't care to get into the minutiae to be honest; my partner is disabled & they were happy to harass him for the charges so I'd just like to know what is reclaimable & turn the tables From their prompt response I think Argos know they've misbehaved so I'd like to dispense with this as quickly as possible. I don't mean that to sound snotty, I just don't want this to turn into another Abbey-style fiasco if I can help it
  8. No, not sure what you mean by this would help if you did not abbreviate:) I have response to my S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) & pretty much just need to know what their abbreviations mean to be honest!
  9. Exciting summary of the not very much that has happened so far: 06.09.07 I send off S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) 10.09.07 A Mr Shafiq Sunni writes for me to phone him for urgent chat 10.09.07 (same date!) we also receive conveniently blurry printouts And so here we are. Questions questions questions... Does anyone know what Other D.B or Fin Chgs might be? I'm assuming they are both varieties of charge as they have the usual £17.00 & £7.00 type amounts, but they both also contain a couple of really high numbers (over £100) so I'm a little confused. As much as I'd dearly love to claim all of this back I thought I'd better double check first Since I repayed the majority of my account through the infamous Moorcroft I am wondering where I stand on claiming interest. Would like to claim the 27+% that I understand others have successfully claimed but I don't want to make a mistake. Mysteriously these screen shots list no interest at all! So... 1.Is there a link for an interest calculator for the compound interest? 2.Do we know of anywhere I can translate these screenshots? 3.Does anyone know why I would have charges of hundreds of £'s? 4.Could these be the fees of the evil Moorcoft? Would love to hear from anyone with answers, knowledge or happy stories of triumph over Argos. I assume they have charged me interest as a £700 account cost me the best part of £2,000 so I would love to cause them a little twinge of discomfort:p
  10. Shoe Em

    nfi247 v argos

    Hi, I've been reading this with interest as I've just has my Argos 'statements' sent & I'm having a little trouble making head or tail of them. I'm glad to see that you are progressing well. Do you have any idea what Other D.B or Fin Chgs might be? I'm assuming they are both varieties of charge as they have the usual £17.00 & £7.00 type amounts, but they both also contain a couple of really high numbers (over £100) so I'm a little confused. As much as I'd dearly love to claim all of this back I thought I'd better double check first Also since I repayed my account through infamous Moorcroft I am wondering where I stand on claiming interest. Would like to claim the 27+% that I see others claiming but I don't want to make a mistake. About to post my own thread (before any mod states the obvious) but there seemed to be knowledgable folk here so I thought it was worth a shot in the meantime:razz: Thank you! *here is my thread*http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/other-stores/113927-shoe-em-argos-store.html
  11. Thank you kindly Beetlejuice! Unfortunately when we began this we were advised to just claim interest at 8% (I used the advice & interest calculator on the Martin Lewis site), but were I to do this again I would certainly take the higher route, I think there are sufficient precedent now to do so. As a matter of fact I have just sent off an SAR to Argos (store card) & intend to do that very thing Good luck!
  12. Not 100% success actually, not only was our request for wasted time costs turned down, but the court staff actually failed to give all that perfectly prepared paperwork to the judge until two weeks after the event; it was left "on someone's desk". Kicked up a stink, insisted that the court manager approached the judge again as the decision was made based on the fact that the case was closed, she assures me she did but I have my doubts. Rather an annoying end to an otherwise successful experience.
  13. The new one's lovely Bookworm, in fact it matches the stripy picture that's three feet away from me as I speak (type) so not only are you the giver of funky messages but you also coordinate them to the recipient's home... that's pure class
  14. Aha! Thanks for the heads up... Bookworm, I am picturing something suitably glittertastic:p Thank you!
  15. Bookworm that is a blank message...is it a mystery or a mistake?
  16. As I said I have prepared the neccessary paperwork already thanks. I had only popped on to find a printable list of settled cases as the one I used made my printer spit out dozens of blank pages (with header & footer but no numbers!). It has been very trying these last few weeks & I'm glad to see the back of this case. I am going to have a read of threads about Argos Card as we've just finished paying ours off & I suspect that the dozens of charges might be returnable...let us hope they have a few more social niceties than Abbey:rolleyes: Being on here has been rewarding & frustrating in equal measures; hopefully now that I'm a little more used to the place it won't be so tricky to decipher:)
  17. True to form the Abbsters have settled, payment cleared in the account yesterday. I'm just preparing the wasted costs paperwork now (reprinting to be accurate as the settled cases list went wonky yesterday!). Contacted the court to let them know about settlement by phone, now that it has officially cleared I can do the formal bit. Going to hunt for a clearer list now. Hope everyone's cases are progressing well. Emily x
  18. This is really interesting (no pun intended!) we didn't go down the CI route because we didn't know about it until we were a few leters into the process. Be watching to see how you get on, good luck:)
  19. Hey Beetlejuice, Thanks for reading. Just popped over to see if I can find a template E-mail that I saw for Inga Kirkman...little reminder to send on friday when we only have seven days left until court:)
  20. Well let us hope so:) Finally found a happy-making thread (Reva vs Abbey) so have subscibed to look at it when things get stressful over the next few weeks. Only just found out that latest advice is to include T&Cs with bundle, but as we are Abbey I'm not going to worry too much, just take one with us if & when it comes down to it. This case is actually my fiancee's but he is disabled & frankly doesn't need this stress on top of everything else so I dash on here when I can to try to make sure we're doing everything right & then we have 'revision sessions' where I fill him in on the important bits. Looking foward to it all being over & done with. Hope your current cases are progressing well. Em.
  21. Reka, thank goodness I found you & your happy news:p Served our Abbey bundle yesterday & this thread is very well timed as I needed a boost having wandered the site for hours the other night confused & troubled:) May I add my congratulations to the many others you are receiving for your story & for the clear & accessible way you have detailed it here! I'm going to save the interviews to watch when we get closer to our day in court, but very very well done!!!
  22. I didn't really get answers to all my questions, but hopefully I have pulled it together now. Finished at 2am & now about to go to the post office & then to the court. The full length version of the Australian material wouldn't print clearly enough so I went with the media summary. I have a witness statement, statement of evidence,the basic bundle material, the BBC report, the radio interview, all my correspondence & the relevent bank statements. Hopefully this will satisfy the judge. Our timing is appalling since apparently there is a postal strike tonight, but as long as the court have their copy before the due date & Abbey's is winging its way to them I'll be a happy bunny. All in all this has been a learning experience; never dealt with a forum before & the politics & navigation take a little getting used to but luckily there are a few kind souls who will make allowances:) Good luck to everyone with their journey, whether you are at the first request stage or stumbling to the end like me. May we all be celebrating soon:p
  23. To be honest I rather hope they will after all this effort:p Done now anyway, thanks to those who took the time to help.
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