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  1. Hello, Haven't Posted For Ages So Thought I Would Look In On You All And See What's Been Happening. Rang The Court Last Week To See What Was Happening And It Was A Good Job I Phoned Because They Had Been Overlooked. They Are Both Now Sitting In The Stayed Pile Until The Result Of The Oft Case Is Known. Hope Everyone Is Well And If You Have Had Any Good News Since I Last Signed In Keep Us Posted How Ya Doin
  2. Hedgey - Muchus Thankus As Usual - You Are A Complete Star! (have Allready Clicked On Your Scales), I Will Get Onto That Straight Away Texel - Ditto - Re. My Parents Claim, All We Have Done Is Submitted The N1 That Is All And Had The Before Mentioned Letters Back
  3. Hi Everyone, Feeling Very Confused And Bewildered At The Moment So Some Much Needed Coaching And Advice Is Needed Please. I Rang The Court Yesterday And Spoke To A Gentleman Who Didn't Get Out Of The Bed The Right Side At All. He Made Me Feel Really Thick And I Couldn't Wait To Get Off The Phone Really. He Basically Said That I Could Request A Jusgement By Default (?) When I Got Off The Phone I Started Looking At My Paperwork Again (notice Of Issue) Where There Is A Big Part On It For Requesting A Judgement. I Was Just Waiting For Nat West To Reply I Didn't Know That I Had To Do This??? He Also Said That I Was In A Slightly Better Position Than My Parents Because I Hadn't Had 1 Of Those Letters That They Had Had Stating That Nat West Were Intending To Defend All Of The Claim. Have I Then Got To Request For Judgement On My Claim As Nat West Haven't Responded And Wait 28 Days From When Nat West Filed The Acknowledgement (on 01/08/07) To See If They File A Defence On My Parents Claim?
  4. What Does It Mean If They File Late? What Are The Implications Of That?
  5. hmmm, wonder why i haven't had a letter ststing that the defendant has responded to the claim indicating an intention to defend all of the claim then? what do you suggest i do? (wait a little longer?) so in my parents case now, they have 28 days from 01 aug to file defence. what should we be doing now?? your help is much appreciated.
  6. To Steven 4064, Both claims were submitted to the court on the same date, But i haven't had a letter like my parents have. I don't know why? Is it maybe because theres is a larger sum?? They are both NatWest claims We have both received the letter about all claims being suspended until the test case is sorted. What is a stay?
  7. picture this, i'm having a lovely relaxing holiday camping in cornwall after a hectic week of running around madly submitting my and my mum's claims to the court, breathing a sigh of relief that i can now relax for a while. THEN, i hear on the radio, "bank claim for charges - lost!", Oh my god, i think, not only have i skint myself finding the court fee but i have also wasted £80.00 of my pensioner mum and dad's money. Why didn't i act sooner, i think to myself!! Needless to say it was on my mind for the whole holiday thereafter and i couldn't wait to get back to check on here what it means for me and my mum and dad. My mum and dad's claim is for £998.11 and whilst i have been away she has rcd. from the court a letter stating that the defendent intends to defend all of the claim. my claim which is for £412.71 hasn't attracted such a letter, but, i have rcd. a letter from R.B.S. this morning stating MY claim is suspended. What are your thoughts on these 2 different responses??
  8. S69 Interest Is Definately The 8% Interest Isn't It? ( Last Minute Questioning Myself And Jitters!) IT ISN'T NORMAL OVERDRAFT INTEREST IS IT BECAUSE I'M NOT CLAIMING THAT
  9. i'm just at work (on my week off) typing my N1 form out. hope the nice lady at the court says it's all ok tomorrow, am i right in thinking they do give it the once over when i'm there?
  10. hi everyone, i've followed cag's procedures to request 2 x £12.00 late payment fees for my nat west credit card that i used to have. this is what my reply said today:- having reviewed the case the only late fees applied to the account are for £12.00 which is line with the oft's findings, therefore no refunds will be forthcoming. i would re-iterate that our letter of 27th june 2007 should be taken as the bank's final response. then gives me financial ombudsman options what are your thoughts???
  11. It Does Hedgey, Thanks Very Much
  12. Cheers, I'll Bare That In Mind. Getting Stuck Into This Now, A Few More Questions If You Don't Mind, Make Me Feel A Lot Better If You Could Give Me Your Thoughts On These:- - - Which Nat West bank address do I use for the Defendant’s details on the N1? - I am also helping someone with a joint account claim, do both account holders have to sign the N1? - At the bottom of page 1 on the N1, Do I put all the appropriate values under the value box and then again in the box pre-printed on the form, (seems a bit odd to put them twice?) the forums notes don’t really say what to do here?? - And, oh my god what the hell does this mean???????? Plus interest pursuant to S.69 County Courts Act 1984 from date of issue to date of judgement/settlement at £xx.xx per day [(enter daily rate here - (CHARGES+OD interest)x 0.00022 = pence per day)] OR at such rate and for such periods as the court deems just. My charges are £362.71x0.00022=0.0797962 So is that 80p per day? Who sits there and works out that calculation, 80p per day from the date of issue to date of settlement?
  13. Right, So If I Can't Save The N1 Form I'm Gonna Have To Do It All At Once, Not In Parts Over A Few Days Like I Hoped, So What I've Done Is Printed A Plain 1 Off, I'm Going To Draft It In Pen And Then Type It Up And Then Print Lots Of Them Off, Does This Sound Good To You Guys So Far?
  14. I'm On "lunch Time" Again! It's The Only Time I Get Any Peace And Quiet To Do Anything, I Have A Pc At Home But No Printer You See.
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