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  1. Hi, Does the preliminary letter ( and all subsequent letters) need to be sent Recorded Delivery, or is ordinary post OK. Its just, I've seen people advised to send their SAR by recorded. Many thanks Gary
  2. Thanks for the quick replies guys. My bank is Northern Bank from Northern Ireland (they of the BIG £26M robbery of a few years ago LOL) They used to charge £4.50 for setting up a DD/SO and £8.50 for cancelling it!!! I used to hate having to pay these at the time (they dont anymore, hmmm), especially the difference between setting one up and stopping it!!! I don't think myself to include them, as over the 6 years they only add uo to about £100, and the other fees and charges are over £1000 so won't be too greedy!!!! LOL
  3. Hello all, new member here. Have finally taken the plunge to claim back my chargesa and stuff, but need a bit of clarification on something. My bank, Northern NI, used to charge fixed routine amounts for setting up/cancelling and even amending direct debits and standing orders. Having recieved my list of charges from the bank, can these be included in my claim? Or should I just stick with the overdraft/interest and stuff? Thank you
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