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  1. Received package of statements etc. yesterday and have just finished going through them. That screen dump bollocks for memos and stuff with all its incomprehesible codes and shorthand is too much bother to go through for me at the minute:o (not sure if there any useful info on that anyway TBH). So I have concentrated on the statement details. Not as bad as I suspected as most of the trouble seems to have been within the last year really. The total for Overlimit/Late Payment charges comes to £262.00. What has really shocked me (and always annoys me:mad: ) is that my brother agreed to pay PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) when he opened the account:o :o . I have had this cancelled from last month when he first asked for help. But adding up the total he has paid in this totally useless insurance comes to £566.00. I have a couple of questions..... 1- Seeing as the fee total is relatively low, is it worth going for CCI, or are Capital One more likely to pay up quickly if I just go for the amount without interest? 2- Anyone any advice/opinion on getting back the PPI premiums. I presume that interest would have been charged on these premiums and so contributed to the overall balance. Gary
  2. Hi nervous, nice to know you are still around!!! The latest small claims pack (which I got from N'ards Court today) says that all relevant paperwork/evidence should be sent in with the application form. By this I would assume preliminary letter, letter before action and schedule of charges. Surely you dont need to send in the actual information supplied by the bank in response to the S.A.R - (Subject Access Request)? The leaflet says that any expert witness evidence should be submitted 14 days before any hearing date. Nervous, what did you include in your bundle? You said your hearing was listed for 25th May, was it deferred or something? Your thread has gone very quiet. Sorry to go on about this but some of the information around doesn't seem to be consisitant. Gary
  3. Thanks Caro (again) Very interesting, the procedures do seem to have changed. Theres a central processing office which applications seem to have to go to (I used my local court last time) and there is an online claim facility. Back to my original question though, has anyone local here in NI used these procedures recently? On reading through a few threads from fellow Northern Ireland claimants, I can't seem to find anyone posting a result from the small claims court. A few seem to have actually filed (if so what procedure did they use?). Most of the threads seem to go silent and that is worrying me a bit. Or are they being sworn to confidentiality??? Or is it just a fact that the banks settle before a hearing (again exactly what procedure did the claimant use to file???). What did they include in their papers (court bundle)? I've had a look at Bookworms basic court bundle on the site here, but all that stuff about case law and such seems to me to be very stuffy, for want of a better word. I'd like to be able to understand that stuff myself if I have to produce it in court, and going by the local procedures I would have to produce this with my application, rather that just print it out verbatim. i hope this makes sense as I seem to have gone on a bit !!! Sorry.
  4. My deadline for filing small claim is coming up around 15 June. So while waiting I have started to look into the actual procedure. As far as I can gather, the claims procedure here in N Ireland is slightly different from England & Wales, with the forms different names and layout and stuff. Anyway, I successfully made a small claim back in 2003 and as luck would have it I had kept all the paperwork from that case. After checking on the NI Court Service website, all the forms & such are still the same (last updated 2002) so I presume that the procedure is still the same. Now we come to the crux of my question. The advice given on this site for submitting "court bundles" is to send any relevant paperwork within 14 days of the date of the hearing, which suggests that the application is made without supporting paperwork. The information that I have states that all supporting evidence must be submitted with the application form. Can anyone on here who has actually filed papers here in N Ireland confirm what exactly they did??? Sorry for the long post Gary
  5. Thanks BW. That makes sense!!!! Ah well, I'm sure I'll be up to more posts in due course!!!LOL
  6. I can't seem to get my posts to show my signature (nothing groundbreaking, just showing my claim progress). I have entered all the details in the control panel and as instructed in the FAQ's and the signature shows OK in the preview. But when the post is submitted it doesn't show on the open forum:( Anyone any ideas what I'm doing wrong???:idea: Gary
  7. Well, I phoned the number I was left and it was a central call centre office type thing. Numerous times they tried to connect me with my branch manager, who had requested a meeting, without success. They suggested I email the branch manager instead!!!! So bollocks to that, they've had their chance and I'm sticking to my timetable. They now have 1 week before I submit a court claim. Gary
  8. Just click the "NEW THREAD" button at the top of the page of the Yorkshire Bank and Clydesdale Bank and Northern Bank forum. Call it "Conlee v .......(whoever)" or something. Good luck. Anybody any advice about my meeting with the Northern Bank?????
  9. OK, update time. Apparently, the bank phoned today (my mum took the call) asking for a meeting to discuss issues raised, obviuosly got my LBA:D I've to ring them back tomorrow about wether to go ahead with this meeting. I've read in other threads that they took this tactic and the general advise was to tell them to do one unless they were going to agree to refund in full;) Any ideas before I make that call, or should I just ignore them completely and stick to the timetable? Gary
  10. Thanks Sarah. Yeah, i had read that thread and also Lickthewallfanboys one so I'm quite hopeful:)
  11. Just the branch manager I think, as the address is the branch address not head office or special office
  12. Right I'm starting this fight on behalf of my brother. He's got into a terrible mess with his account and has exceeded credit limit and missed a few payments due to financial difficulty. We've had all the multiple phone calls per day and nasty letters (harrassment in my opinion). All the penalties and such have made the balance worse. He does not use the card anymore, so I wrote to them offering to help (I also have an account with them which has a good record, no fees or anything). I asked them to maybe freeze the account/interest to give us some time to sort something out. Got back snooty reply basically. I don't think they're interested in the balance getting paid off as they see this as easy money with penalties. Well, its payback time:p SAR sent today.
  13. Letter received today dated 30 May. "I refer to my letter of 10 May (acknowledging prelim letter) and advise that an investigation is currently underway. I would be obliged if you would contact me as soon as possible with a view to resolving the issues. Yours blah blah blah" I'm assuming this letter has crossed in the post with my LBA. Am I right in thinking that my LBA is suitable response to this letter and not to get involved in any dialogue, as the prelim letter and LBA clearly state what I require?? Gary
  14. Letter Before Action posted recorded delivery today. Deadline around 15 June, I'll be generous!!!!
  15. All very mysterious Caro;) Have the Northern perhaps abducted nervous and secreted her to a luxury desert island and tried to bribe her into giving up!!! Thanks for the advice about the T&C's. I take it asking for these is because it is unlikely that they are still on file or something and so impossible to produce? Gary
  16. OK, the 14 day limit on the preliminary latter has now expired. Needless to say there has not been a required response other than acknowledgement of the letter of "complaint" and that they are investigating. Time to issue Letter Before Action (LBA). I'm basically going to use the template on this site, but removing the paragraphs about supplying my T&C's (coz I hadn't previously asked for them as it states, so it sounded a bit silly), the removal of the default and the threat to report them to the OFT. I'm going to post the letter on monday, anyone any advice before I do:idea: ps, its gone awful quiet on Nervous' thread and the court date was yesterday 25th. Any news ?
  17. Hey nervous. Just wondering like, what sort of paperwork do you have in your court bundle and would it be usefull to us other Northern claimers. Only just over a week til your court date, any more news? regards Gary
  18. Hi Nervous. What is this "bundle" you refer to? Surely you should have already submitted a schedule of charges with the claim papers? Gary
  19. Yeah, I intend to use the Small Claims Court and not MCOL. I think it will just look more serious;) . I've used the NI Small Claims Court service before a few years ago very successfully:D . Even actually had to go into court that day, but by all accounts i shouldn't even have to get that far for this case..........hopefully. Deadline date for next letter is 25th May. Gary
  20. Thanks Ross:) Well , new ownership or not, their charges have stayed the same:rolleyes:
  21. Update. Letter received today acknowledging receipt of claim and saying that they are investigating and that "they take complaints very seriously....." blah blah blah. They also say that I should hear from them within next 20 working days.......yeah right. Also enclosed "Putting things right" leaflet on complaints proceedure. They seem to be treating this as a complaint, hmmmmm. WRONG! Gary
  22. The battle starts now. Successfully received S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) last week and calculated charges of £1500 odd over 5 years. Preliminary letter sent 9 May 2007. Awaiting reply Gary
  23. OK, sorry for posting in wrong place. Off to the correct forum now. Gary
  24. The battle starts now. Successfully received SAR last week and calculated charges of £1500 odd over 5 years. Preliminary letter sent 9 May 2007. Awaiting reply Gary
  25. Thanks Chloe, but I've already got my data protection details. Its the actual letter claiming my refund i'm talking about. I'm going to send it recorded just to be safe.
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