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  1. Last time i checked the CRF figures for this account were as stated by SD & Lowells. CCA below. account opened 2008 online. *signature was not dated, and dob was marked as current date (date of opening account)
  2. tried to pm you the letter but cannot find a pm function for you. not sure what CRF is but the amount they claim i owe them is the same amount that the Littlewoods account ended on. Not sure if you have mistakenly put Orange on the wrong thread (appreciate you may be helping several people at once ) Lowells have refered to my account (in the case of holding/closing my account when cca could not be found) but never as a client.
  3. No, i stopped receiving anything from SD after threats then i started receiving threats from Lowells instead. I made the offer to Lowells in writing. about six weeks ago.
  4. considering i have been in correspondance with Lowells for about 18 months now (last of which was making an offer for the debt) doesn't the above become redundant?
  5. The account is about 3 years old. I have received lots of letters from Lowell. first i CCA'd them then they closed the file/account after SD told them they couldn't fins the CCA due to the length of time since the account was opened. then they found hte CCA and got back to me after a few months. Not sure what a NOA (notice of action?) is but don't remember receiving anything from SD to say they were selling the account, but can't be sure...
  6. sorry for long (confusing?) title. Basically i have a debt of +£1000 with shop Direct (they have a 1 page CCA) where the charges amount to 40% of the account's total. It was sold to Lowell, and i asked to make a deal for full and final settlement (the total minus charges) and also told them that i had intended to take this account to court along with 2 other shop direct accounts, before shop direct agreed to close the other 2 accounts (no cca) they got back to me and told me that they have no interest in making a deal and that charges that were added by shop direct (lawful or not) are of no concern to them. Also said that if i wish to take the account to court i would have to do it with Shop Direct and not them. So what would happen to this account (currently owned by Lowell) if i were to start proceedings against Shop Direct? And is there anyway i could make a fulll and final settlement offer to Shop Direct even though it is currently with Lowell? what kind of figures do they sell these accounts for? (maybe a %age of the balance?) thanks for any help and please ask if you need more (or clearer) info.
  7. just got a text from wescot credit services to contact them... obviously i wont, but could this have been passed on to them?
  8. ok, well here's the the cca (edited) if it's too big to embed (or not big enough) let me know. thanks for your help
  9. anyone know if i have any recourse, as i have to send them something today...
  10. to be clear, this CCA has a wrong DOB yes but i think i basically put the date of signing in the DOB section, will the template provided above still fit in this case?
  11. I had an account with Additions which i fell behind with the payments for, anyway to cut a long story short, they consistently added; Charges for Interest @ 49%, Debt collection letters @ £12 and minimum payment charges @ £12 they also added telephone charges @ £12 despite informing me by letter that they do not have my phone number. And in the short space of a few months my balance went from £700 to £1100 also all the above charges were added whilst in a payment plan. I disputed the above and The account was eventually sold to Lowell, i CCA'd them and after a while they got back to me saying the account was closed as they could not find it. now 9 months later i have received a letter saying they have found it, and want the full balance in 7 days. What can i do now? FWIW the CCA is a one page jobbie with no date of Sig and an incorrect DOB (which would make me 3 years old) thanks in advance for any help.
  12. cheers Dpick, probably just wait out and see what their next move, is... As the whole account is charges, settling out of court is not really an option (for them at least)
  13. Hi, I have had on-going battles with Shop Direct over the last 2 years, and this account which i thought would be easiest to close is still causing hassle. Basically, the account is entirely made up of Charges (total balance is lower than total charges account has received, not including interest) They did not keep me aware of the debt for many months and claimed they did not have my phone number (all the while charging me for phone calls?) I CCA'd them and they informed me they had no CCA. They sold the account to Capquest, who briefly threatened but have since passed the account (on my say so) back to Shop Direct. Now i have Sent the Account in Dispute letter, and received a strange response... Then goes on about being on my credit file for 6 years, and basically sounds like they accept they are screwed. However, today i received a letter from Empire with a new default notice and a request to pay the full balance by the end of this month (nov) so, is this just posturing? Should i respond or just ignore it? thanks for any help.
  14. Just wondering... I have 3 accounts with Shop Direct which have been sold on to DCA's (Lowell & Capquest) Now at the time when these were sold by Shop Direct, there was a court case scheduled against them. So is it legal for Shop Direct to sell an account when court proceedings have been issued?
  15. just wondering, I recently issued court proceedings against this account (and two other shop direct accounts) and they were sold to DCA's in the period between the claim being issued to them and the court case. Is that legal?
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