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  1. hi there, just to let you know my 28 days were due to be up on the 27th june nw paid bank charges into my account today just waiting for costs, so hang in there and good luck;)
  2. checked my bank and nw have refunded 760.00 into my account, just waiting for the other 80.00 :) :)
  3. thanx 4 that, will give them some extra days:)
  4. hi there, i have posted b4 but can't find it. i have anm claiming 760 from nationwide + charges ect. put my mcol in on 24th and it was deemed served on the 29th may nw aknowledged on the 04th june which gives them 28 days to file a defence, my query is does the 29th count as the first day and the 28th day the last which would give them until the 25th of june? or do they not which would give them til the 28th? i would appricite any advise. lesley:???:
  5. I have a pretty poor credit rating but have recently opened an account with the natwest, its a basic account but i have a debit card, dd and s/o.
  6. cheers for that, will keep on going and checking my account, am turning into a checkaholic!!!
  7. hi and congrats, feel like i will be one that doesn't get anything at the mo! how long did you wait b4 they put in a defence, have acknowledged my claim which was deemed served on the 29th may but so far no defence, also does anyone know if i count the 29th as day one of the 28 days? cheers
  8. check your bill when it comes in, as an insentive i was offered free installtion and a V+ box , when my bill came in they had charged me the £75.00 installation fee, i contacted them and was told that i shouldn't have been offered this so they had charged me! i stood my ground how could they do that after the fact i waould not have had the box if i had to pay for it ( it has never worked anyway ), eventually after about 4hrs on the phone they refnded my money. i still don't have the v+ service everytime i call virgin they end up suspending my service and it takes me hrs to sort it out, so i
  9. hi there, am at the court stage, wrote my two letters to the nationwide one in april and the other on may 8th, put in a claim against nationwide on 24th may for £760 & £80 court costs, however recieved a letter from nationwide this morning dated 29th may thanking me for my recent letter and telling me they had completed there investigation and basically to bog off they are not refunding my money , does this matter?. also what kind of evidence will i need to send to the court so far have just filed online claim? thanx
  10. yes i noticed that, watched it one day gone the next. i've never seen it advertised as a trial, infact its still not advertised as pay per view.
  11. hi there, i'm new to all this, filed my MCOL for £760 against the nationwide today, so fingers crossed i'll get my money back i'll keep u informed.
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