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  1. well it doesn't really work out for them, was about to pay my Marshall Ward account off, but noticed quite a few of these £12 charges on the account, think it has gone up by at least £50 and the debt is only for £171, so decided to leave the debt and pay off another instead just now. I only have a set amount of money and can choose which debt to pay off and go by who is playing fair and challenge it when I can be bothered.
  2. subscribing as getting so many calls, had someone defraud me out of a tv on ebay with a stolen credit card and now owe paypal after a chargeback
  3. Sorry I don't have access anymore to Law reports as degree is now finished good luck
  4. got the same letter, not sure what the debt is for, possibly a catologue debt, all my catolgue debts were put into dispute so they shouldn't be able to sell them on anyway? will send them the letter above.I already owe provident money from years ago which they are not chasing, so don't know why they want to give me this interest free loan with the possibilty of being offered more loans in the future.
  5. This one is free if within the M25 London London Cat Care & Control Consortium (C4) The scheme is available throughout the area within the M25. You are eligible for free neutering if you live within this area and: a) You own the cat, and you receive: • State benefit • State pension • Council tax benefit or Housing benefit b) You are a full time student c) You are on a low household income d) The cat is a stray which you have been feeding for at least 14 days
  6. Well the ruling has ignited my interest in the subject of bank charges again, I am just one person of many thousands. I can be a royal pain in the a*se when I think there is injustice and this goes for whether I have outstanding claims or not. bring it on
  7. Thanks for the update, not been on here much lately but have tried to keep up with this thread will donate soon Sandy xx
  8. Bailiffs get power to use force on debtors - Times Online you may want to comment on this, seems to have surprised lots of people
  9. I have twice complained about the csa on their website through the online form Complaints - Child Support Agency they actually rang me back quickly and both complaints got resolved quickly, one was about the arrears being low and these were raised to the 40% threshold and the other time the arrears were paid to the sec of state rather than me and I got these back quickly through the accounts dept, they claimed it back
  10. good luck finlander, an interesting read and thanks for paving the way I think there are no cases for defamation seachable because experian may have settled out of court, just a musing I'm interested in the new lower courts defamation cases, I thought it very unfair that it was always a tort used mainly by the well to do.
  11. Thanks for the information, this definately needs dealing with asap In what way can an individual have recourse to EU Law? The EU Commission has to power to prosecute a member state before the European Court of Justice if fails to properly implement a Directive or if it passes a law that contravenes the provisions of a Directive. If that prosecution is successful, the European Court of Justice can then fine the member state. A member state's failure in this regard can be brought to the attention of the EU Commission by an individual so has it been brought to the attenti
  12. recent changes mean cancer is now a disability The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) was originally written in 1995 and was last updated in December 2005. This Act is in place to end discrimination against disabled people. It aims to make sure people aren’t treated differently or less well because they have a disability. This Act applies to people with cancer or those who have had cancer in the past. The changes made to the Act in 2005 mean that all cancers are now included. And you are protected by the Act from the time you are d
  13. I'm on these low tariff's for british gas and EDF energy, only took a phone call to arrange btw I rang B gas last week to check that I would not be given a price hike and found out I had been taken off the deal by mistake, I'm waiting to here of my refund. The promised phone call to me didn't happen so will be chasing it up today. After my refund I think I will go with EDF energy for gas as well, they offer 15% off, B Gas are totally useless and have really caused me grief over the years. redit rang up and complained and they are giving me £15 for my trouble and sending me the r
  14. I have looked through what they have sent me ( a credit agreement under the distance selling rules) and noticed they say I opened my account in May (no specific date) 2005, now the distance selling rules only came into force 07/05/2005 and the first transaction I can find (from the printout they sent me)is a post and packing change dated 09/05/2005. They usually do not put post and packing charges onto until a bit later so I think this was probably opened in late April 2005 or very early May. It seems they are trying to pull a fast one as the credit agreement I found is under cca 1
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