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  1. Called Boringwood yesterday for an update of my case as it was the last day of my LBA. I was told that I had been sent out an offer on Monday (still hasn't arrived) of £3,12. on a claim of £3,309. I queried this regarding the shortfall, and was told I could call regarding the differential in the offer to another number. Is there any chance they will change their offer? or will i have to do the court number on them. Any advice would be great ta
  2. Hi all, Nat West Pi****G me off now!. rang on Friday re my claim and got a rude kid basically told me to S*d off and mind my own business. Going to send my LBA in today, just need to know, do I send a copy of my claim with the 8% on the spreadsheet at this point to them? They have also sent me the stock reply about 8 weeks reply does this affeect the LBA?
  3. put my claim in may 18th with spreadsheet. Got my Stuart Higley letter on the 27th May. Standard letter with timescale of 6-7 weeks. Just was interested to know if this was a delaying tactic, and what peoples experiences were.
  4. Just got through to Customer complaints for an update (took ages) Nice lady called Emelda checked and said I was on file, and my claim was being looked at. I asked when I would receice a reply she replied 17th July!!!! Is it worth waiting for this, or will I get a standard "we believe our claims are fair" letter? I really want to get this sorted out. but am fighting shy over the whole court issue. advice/reassurance would be relly helpful
  5. Hi all, just received a standard looking letter from Borham Wood saying they have received my claim, but it could take up to 56 days to look at. Is this normal? they replied on the 14th day, and using the standard letter I said I would give them another 14 days, that should be due next week. Any advice?, do I start hassling them now by phone? or sit and wait until next week, and go down the court route.
  6. Hello everybody. Finally sent in my letter with spreadsheet minus 8%. Total comes to £3,309.50. checked this morning and it was received Monday. Clock is ticking, and await a response.
  7. That was great thanks. I have had various overdrafts ovre the six year period, so looks too complicated to sort out to me!!! Might just leave them. Going to final check the spreadsheet and post it off today.
  8. Hello everybody, I am just about to send in my claim for £3,266.50. I just wondered if someone could help me with the interest that have been mentioned on various threads. I have used the simple excel form, and it has given me my total of charges. It has also worked out the 8% interest. Am I right that the 8% is only used when or if it goes to court? In my statements, I have also quite a few small interest charges taken by Nat West a lot of £1.84 and £2.29 type charges. Can I claim these as well? as they are only small amounts but add up.
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