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  1. I don't know why it took them so long to contact me. I didn't get an acknowledgement the first time I SORN'd the car either. When I mentioned this to them over the phone last week, they just said it must have got lost in the post and I should have contacted them to get another one. They seem to have got it sewn up all ways round. Obviously my SORN paperwork this time must have got lost somewhere, either before it got to them or in their department, but they didn't contact me to ask if I'd sent it or to send another because it may have got lost - they just waited 3 months and sent me a pen
  2. Hi, No, I sent the form direct to them. I realise that leaves me with little proof - I was stupid enough not to register the letter.
  3. Hi all, I re-SORN'd my car in January, having received a reminder from the DVLA, but received a penalty letter at the end of last month telling me that I haven't declared the vehicle SORN or taxed it. It appears they haven't received the paperwork. I immediately wrote to the DVLA stating the details of the SORN declaration in January, and saying that, as I have fully complied with their instructions, I feel that I am not liable for the penalty charge. They eventually wrote back acknowledging my letter but saying that it is my responsibility to make sure I get a reply from them accept
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