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  1. If the debt is over 6 years old and nothing paid on it, Statute Barred. They are talking nonsence about running from default date. Send them letter M and let them chew over it.
  2. Send them the Statute Barred letter by recorded delivery, dont sign it just print name. It is up to them to prove you owe the debt not for you to prove that you dont and whatever dont talk to them on the phone!
  3. I would be very wary of what I read into this that they might be trying todo, i.e. cobble up a signed declaration of some sort that will be dated before it became statute barred and signed by you!
  4. Over the days so you are within your rights to cancel it and if they come looking for payment they are committing a naughty. Whats it for?
  5. Look at the thread Look who's for sale, now! Its about 1st Credit, they average 10p in the £ for purchasing debt!
  6. 1ST Credit Was in yesterdays M o S, bought by private equity co 3 years ago for 72 million and is for sale for more than 400 million! Information packs will be sent out to prospective buyers on 3rd March. Since 2002, 1st C have paid 258 million with a face value of 3 billion!!!! Typically it pays, wait for it 10 PENCE in the pound of outstanding debt. Profit last year hit 27 million and expected to reach 36 million in 2008.
  7. Once it has gone passed the 6 years without payment etc. it cannot become unstatute barred and they cannot put anything on your CRA records
  8. They are just playing for time, the clock keeps ticking though, there is no requirement for you to furnish them with any other info, down to them. When time is up write letter as suggested in post 6
  9. Well they shouldnt ring your Mum anymore but they probably will, try the phone harrasment letter from the templates. If your sure you havent paid anything in the last 6 years I wouldnt bother wasting a stamp. Cant CCJ you or make any adverse comment on your credit record as its Statute Barred. They can ask you to pay it but if you say your not paying they cannot chase for it. Dont bother to contact them and DO NOT EVER PHONE THEM and also tell your Mum whatever threats they make no to make any payment, however small.
  10. Is your partner mad? You say he received this demand and doesnt know what it is, yet wants to set up a repayment with an outfit that he doesnt even know if they have the right to collect it, the fact that they have offered a discount of £300 probably means that they have very little paperwork on this as well and not much chance of legally collecting it. If nothing has been paid since 1999 it is Statute Barred and they can ask for payment but you are not obliged to pay them and they cannot put any marks on your credit records. NEVER TALK TO THESE PEOPLE ON THE PHONE also dont use debit
  11. Sorry to tell you but I believe that it means there is no settlement amount only the total amount you owe, i.e. no discount!
  12. Anyone any help with addresses or letter?
  13. Right I have more info on these accounts and will probably regret even mentioning to him by the time I am finished, but anyway I'll give it a go! Didnt think about his DOB but can get that. What I need is address for Morgan Stanley and Sainsburys, says he paid 9K something on one and 11K on the other but kept no paperwork once his solicitor had paid them, so he might have a nice suprise if this works out. Anyone have an idea as to how I should put the requests in writing? As they were paid off in Feb 06.
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