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  1. I received a letter from Nationwide.... very long and drawn out but stating 'thanks for my complaint etc etc... they will of course be applying for a stay until the test case' Anyone else had one of these as I still havnt heard anything from the courts yet???
  2. Still no news from the courts... just one question what happens in feb 08 when some of the cases have been stayed till? will they go ahead or do the courts have the authority to extend the stay? Evan reagan have to you managed to change your court yet?
  3. There is a link on here somewhere - I am not sure how to copy it to this post but will have a look. Also I read on another forum that a customer has successfully stopped Barclays from applying any further charges to her account until the test case....
  4. Are you applying to have the stay lifted? or going to wait til Feb... I am expecting to have my case stayed and not sure where to go after this:p
  5. Well I havnt heard anything about my court case as yet... I was told I would hear in due course and am still waiting also there is no info yet on whats happening at my local court with regards to staying all cases so will just have to wait and see... Keep us updated as and when you hear anything
  6. Well Done.. Just me and evanregan waiting now. When was your court date Daniel12? im just waiting to hear from the courts now:(
  7. I received my defense from the courts today.. states that Nationwide defends the claim usual blah blah... and a hand written note from the court saying I would hear from the court in due course. Didnt mention the test case or anything else. Looks like we'll have to wait now.
  8. Thanks Paula but please feel free to post as and when you like.. its great to hear from everyone:p
  9. Well have rung the court and Nationwide filed a defense only yesterday. I should receive a copy tomorrow. Am totally confused and gutted now:(
  10. Still Nothing today... Have re-read your post evanreagan about ringing Nationwide and its made me feel a bit better - did read it last nite but after quite a few sangrias lol and didnt really take it in:p
  11. Still nothing... am home on friday so will be able to chase up then..
  12. Can you let me have to email for eversheds please as I think I may drop them a line aswell:(
  13. Dont worry evanregan.... Iv just checked and nothing has gone into my account and I cant check with the courts about the defense as I filed a N1. Im sure this is just a stalling tactic. Will be ringing the court on Friday when I get back. At least you are not on your own and we are in the same situation.
  14. Well here I am in spain - have had to kick off about 50 kids to get on this computer lol - anyway evanregan still no news yet deadline is midnight tonight to will try and check tomorrow - must admit im a tad bit nervous now... wheres our money.
  15. Prelim letter first - not LBA:) and your schedule of charges. good luck
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