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  1. Co-Op Visa has now refunded all the charges to the CC account. It took two letters and WOP offer together with threat of court action ...
  2. Hi all, Barclaycard has today written saying they will credit the account with the balance of charges claimed which is good news - another one sorted!
  3. yes - cheers Rooster was error when I was on auto-pilot after an e-mailing session - had not realised i had done it but thanks for noticing and letting ne know it's appreciated - any responses to points I raised?????
  4. cheers was in e-mail auto pilot mode
  5. Hi all, any advice would be appreciated - I have now recieved small GOGW credits on both barclaycard accounts that I am claiming on. I want to go for the rest is there any point in writing to them again before I commence MCOL or shall I just go for it? It's not a huge amount so I'm hoping they will settle. Is the POC format the same as for bank charges? Also if an account is sold on to a collection agency after a GOGW but before the MCOL stage on a credit card (not barclaycard) should the defendant be the credit card co. who controlled the original debt and charges or the collection company. Cheers,
  6. spring6

    spring6 v egg

    You must be psychic - I do have celebratory refreshments - thanks for your help everyone.
  7. Abbey refunded the majority of last month's charges but sadly Chester CC has agreed to their request for a stay - any advice please? Or, do I just have to growl and bear it?
  8. spring6

    spring6 v egg

    As you all predicted egg have now settled for the amount I said I would accept and have been very easy to deal with which is a relief.
  9. I had the same letter yesterday - I think it depends on the court. I have writen to the CC asking that if they are considering a stay to list it so that I can oppose in person... I wrote to Abbey and told them the same thing and suggested they settle now... who knows what will happen?!
  10. I had the same letter today - what stage are you at?
  11. Have today received abbey's letter about the OFT case advising me that my claim is likely to be stayed on their application - is there any merit in me writing to the court saying that I would request a hearing to oppose any such application? Anyone else at this stage?
  12. Chester CC just sent me a date in October so it seems to be carrying on regardless.....
  13. spring6

    spring6 v egg

    cheers, I now have a combined claim - they have offered £4 total though not £4 difference per charge applied.
  14. spring6

    spring6 v egg

    Have sent it off - amazingly got offer to settle today for first half of my claim which is just over £100. Egg has offered me £4. Do you think it's an error is egg serious?!
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