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  1. I have today received a letter from Experto Credite who have said that they have been instructed by Intrum Justitia to collect a debt purportedly owed by me. I have no idea who either of these two companies are and will be sending the Prove It letter, but as they have sent it to me in my maiden name do I type my maiden name or my married name? I have also been married for 10 years so it could be a statute barred letter going next anyway! Any advice very much welcomed.
  2. No never speak on the phone.
  3. Hi It's been a while since I have had to seek advice but any help now is very much appreciated. I have today received a letter from JD Williams for one of the catalogues they supply, I have a few of them, a nd I have agreed with them a set amount to pay. This was reviewed in November last year and was increased slightly which is what I wanted to do. Today they are saying that for one of the payments they want to increase by 100%! Of course I am shocked and I just want to make sure that I am doing everything right. I have communications with JD Williams via email and I get receipts etc and keep everything. I have today emailed them to say that as my wages have not increased by 100%, in actual fact I have not had an increase for over 2 years, and the fact that I cannot increase my other creditors by 100%, I simply cannot justify this increase and will continue to pay the amount agreed at the last review. Is there anything else that I should be doing at all? Many thanks
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