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  1. Heard from the FOS and MINT (RBS) now wish to settle in full with interest to avoid the FOS doing a full investigation (what a surprise). MODS can we get my title updated to ******WON********* and if we have a MINT/RBS success folder feel free to move the thread. Ta very much for the help. MadMaxCTR
  2. Letter from the FOS, CrapOne will settle in full and pay interest. MODS - Can you update my title and move me. Ta. MadMaxCTR
  3. Good to know m8, as i haven't found any posts about credit card claims through the FOS, just bank ones. The FOS sorted my Lloyds claim within a month and i got interest Lets hope they can pull it off for CrapOne
  4. Finally received the statements out of the blue some 2-3 months late. Anyway no late payment charges or over credit limit ones. Oh well. MadMaxCTR
  5. Just curious has anyone had a claimed settled in full when they've referred it to the FOS for a credit card claim. I had Lloyds TSB, bank claim settled in full with interest but haven'r found any threads relating to credit card charges. Ta
  6. Has anyone had a claim settled in full from CrapOne when they went through the FOS???????????
  7. Settled in full without any litigation. Offer letter came days after i wrote to Eggy telling them i had referred the case to the FOS. MODS - please adjust my title to *****WON**** and move me to the successful egg claims folder. Ta MadMaxCTR
  8. Thanks 8-) Was probably the easiest one, apart from Abbey Credit Card who sent me a cheque when i'd only sent the SAR lol. Oh well, still got Egg, MINT and CrapOne to sort out.
  9. Will do. If its anything like what they did for me on Max V Lloyds TSB, i'll have full settlement with interest in a few weeks.
  10. I like your thinking but the card is already closed. Unfortunately i think i'm running out of old credit cards and store cards. Beat Lloyds TSB as well, a day before the test case announcement. Oh well i suppose all this 'free' money was going to stop in the end.
  11. Settling in full, £50. Cheque on the way. MOD's please move me into the WON area and change my title.
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