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  1. Yup. I like taking pictures that look accidental, I have no idea why. Glad you like it
  2. S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) & Sec.78 req received by Capital One on 17th August. Tick tock.
  3. I was roundabout the middle of my claim against Nationwide for charges and they hit me with 80.00 worth of charges one week that I seriously couldnt afford. It was leaving me short for paying my sons nursery fees. So I called the branch who said they dont have authorisation to refund charges and was given head offices number. The woman I spoke to went and talked to the manager and said that they agreed to CANCEL one of the charges, but for reasons I couldnt make sense of (I think thats what she was aiming for - confusion) they couldnt touch the rest of them. So what happened was, they cancelled one charge that was due to come off next month of 30.00, same amount as one of the charges that made up the 80.00. Not exactly a refund, but they still accommodated to a certain extent. While I was pursuing Nationwide I asked my grampa if he had ever had any charges and he said no, because he went down to his bank and kicked up hell anytime they tried it. So it may be worth having a go calling them. Going into Nationwide wouldnt get much joy I think as they told me that Head Office has to make the decision to refund charges. Whether this is true or not I dont know, but the best way would seem to be calling your branch and asking for the number. Unfortunately I dont have it anymore. Failing that, you could just start a claim against them, although it may not progress too quickly with the OFT test case. They may relent though due to it being a small amount. If you dont ask you dont get! Good luck. Addition: If the money take from your account is benefit money, you could start a case based on this, there is a thread pursuing charges on this basis and seems to be irrelevant to the test case, due to the issue not being that the charges are unlawful, but that the money is for living expenses and therefore hardship will ensue if the claimant doesnt have access to this money. Theres also a law that states the bank should not touch this money. Heres the thread with reference to the benefits situation: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/halifax-bank-bank-scotland/108952-claim-charges-taken-benefits.html
  4. So I have received a charge for payment from SAAS, which I knew was coming. The reason I was advised to do nothing, by my debt adviser was because we saw no other option that to head for bankruptcy. I am in Scotland, so I cannot file for sequestration myself, I have to be made so. Thing is, when we decided that I had arrears with my sons nursery which had to be paid because I cannot work if I dont have childcare. This has since been paid off and I really dont want to wait for bankruptcy anymore. My debt adviser was supposed to be sending me out a new income/expenditure sheet detailing whether, in light of my change of circumstances, I would be able to offer a payment to my creditors. Somewhere along the lines wires got crossed, I waited 3 weeks for this to come through the post, called them yesterday, she is now on holiday, but someone from the office called her and she said we had decided no such thing and that she still thought we were waiting for bankruptcy. I now until the 29th August to pay 500.00 to SAAS or I will be declared bankrupt. I doub t they will try arrest my wages as I already have an arrestment, if they did, they would only get 1.50 per week towards the debt. I have no objects of any value in the house they could use for attachment, so it looks like sequestration will be granted. Does anyone know if there are any other options at this stage, if I could still contact SAAS myself and offer them a lump sum for part of the debt and a payment plan for the remainder? I really dont want to go bankrupt because I dont believe its necessary now considering I have a bit more disposable income. Pretty petrified. Any help is most appreciated.
  5. So, on my last correspondence from Barclaycard, my balance was sitting somewhere just under the 3000.00 mark So hopefully if I win this, it will reduce my balance. This card cover about half of my total debt, so it'll be a big help if I can win back the charges. Bankruptcy seemed my only option before, but this should take a good chunk out of my debt if I win. Here's hoping!
  6. Oh aye, thought I should add... this claim is basically to try an reduce my debt as I have a balance on this card, I think its roundabout 350.00, but still worth it!
  7. Hi folks. 16th August 2007: Sent SAR off to Barclaycard recorded delivery, for my statements and also Sec.78 Req. along with 10.00 postal order and one for 1.00. Waiting game now...
  8. Okay, a wee update. 16th August: Sent SAR & Sec.78 Request to Barclaycard, along with postal order for 10.00 and one for 1.00, recorded delivery. I don't suppose anyone knows whether I should send a Sec.78 Req to Mercers also since my account seems to have been passed to them?
  9. Okay. S.A.R. and Sec.78 Request are written and will be sent recorded delivery to Barclaycard today. Address: Mr Adrian Whalley Head of Data Protection Barclaycard PLC 1234 Pavilion Drive Northampton NN4 7SG I have a quick question: As my account has been passed to Mercers, should I also send them a Sec.78 request?
  10. RE: The hardship rule. My Barclaycard account has already been passed to Mercers. I would say the iminent threats of legal action against me would perhaps result in hardship if the case is not taken on promptly? I'm sure I'm also not the only one.
  11. My experience differs, they took on my claim against Nationwide less than 4 weeks after my first final offer letter. I did receive another final offer letter during that time from Nationwide. I did though, send the prelim and LBA and gave the bank 5 weeks to settle before passing my complaint to the Ombudsman. 9 May: Prelim received by Nationwide 19 May: final offer/rejection letter received from Nationwide 25 May: LBA received by Nationwide 14 June: Called FOS, they said I was in a position to make a claim based on the fact I had received Nationwides final offer letter and they sent out complaint form to me. I think depending on who deals with your claim, that they do not stick rigidly to time scales, especially if they believe the bank has no intention of paying without the FOS's intervention. People have been getting differing accounts of timescales and differing results. I am unsure though how things stand now in reference to the test case, I will call them and report back ASAP.
  12. I was actually going to see if the Ombudsman would pick it up after I have sent my prelim and LBA. I happened to notice someone mention on here that they are still dealing with credit card claims. It will be a while until I am at that stage anyway going by how long it takes to get statements off them. Thanks Peter and Moneyhelp.
  13. Hi folks, Got a 'reply', well, more like an acknowledgement postcard! Postcard is marked "House of Commons", "Douglas Alexander MP acknowledges with thanks the receipt of your communication of the 07/08/2007 the contents of which have been noted." Oh well, not a reply as such, but at least they/he have it for consideration. Shame it doesn't shed any light on whether he believes in this ir is willing to support us. Who knows, I may get a response eventually.
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