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  1. Hi all, Took out a loan with Paragon but was sold it through a broker HFS Loans. Have written to Paragon who are wiping their hands of it completely and saying although they provided the loan I need to speak to HFS loans regards the possible mis-sale. Can anyone advise who I need to be putting my complaint to and - if it's Paragon - whether there is a template letter I can throw back at them to say "it's your responsibility now deal with it!!" Many thanks in advance for any advices. shazza
  2. At long last............ NOTICE Take notice that on THURSDAY, 26 FEBRUARY, 2009 in COURT 71, at 10 O'CLOCK, Judgment will be given in the following. APPLICATIONS A3/2008/1406(Y) Office of Fair Trading -v- Abbey National Plc & ors. A3/2008/1396 Office of Fair Trading -v- Abbey National Bank Plc. APPEAL From The Queen's Bench Division (Commercial) FINAL DECISIONS A3/2008/1400 The Office of Fair Trading -v- Abbey National Plc & Otrs. A3/2008/1401 Office of Fair Trading -v- Abbey National Plc & Otrs. A3/2008/1402 Office of Fair Trading -v- Abbey National Plc
  3. Hi all, I've sent off an SAR to Barclaycard who have simply returned it to me with a comp slip attached saying account sold to Cabot (which I know!!) and giving me their address. I thought Barclaycard had to hold on to my records for 6 years and provide me with my statements so I can calculate my charges. Anyone ideas on whether this is correct and how I should word my letter to them?? Thx
  4. Hi all, My Limited Company - which my accountant is in the process of shutting down - owes VAT of £15K. Can I personably be held liable for this or will it be written off due to the Limited Company being shut down with no assets?? Thanks in advance for any help - couldn't sleep a wink last night because of this.
  5. I'm helping my brother with regards to his claims and after sending HBOS an initial LBA was astounded that my brother received a letter straight back advising him that they would be making a full offer of charges of just over £4,000 as they had identified him as a hardship case. Absolutely brilliant news and I couldn't believe it until my brother showed me a copy of the letter. HOWEVER, he's spoken to Halifax today about his refund and they have said that they will be using it to offset his overdraft on the account (apprx £2k) which is fair enough but also using the remainder to offs
  6. BBC NEWS | Business | HFC Bank fined £1m over insurance Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch!!
  7. Hi all, I've read through many threads on PPI although most seem to relate to PPI reclamation on loans and I want to investigate my chances of reclaiming my PPI on various credit cards I have. My circumstances were that at the time I took out the credit cards I was employed full time and my employer provided me with an exisiting illness and redundancy package. I do not believe that I was informed that I had taken out the PPI when I took the cards out so want to write to all of my providers requesting a refund. Can I use a general template letter saying that I believe I was miss
  8. Good link Alec - the long wait that so many of us are waiting for is nearly upon us. Speculation I know but lets say (hope) the OFT win and as is widely expected the Banks appeal - does anyone think that the FSA will allow the waiver to remain in place throughout the appeals process??
  9. Assume everyones seen this 'Ethical' Co-op blasted over bank charges | This is Money How much longer can the FSA let them get away with this??!!
  10. Just read the link from the FS Consumer Panel which strikes me as as strong as a rebuke they porbably allowed to publish!! Excellent news they think the waiver is unjust as we all do. Surely the FSA are backing further and further into a corner and trying to continue to defend the banks it appears on their very own. With the thousands of claimants fighting them and their own Consumer panel now turning the screw they're going to have to back down or someone higher up will make the decision for them!! (particularly with the recent scandals hitting the press on an almost daily basis)
  11. But surely the FSA have to listen to their own Consumer Panel at some point otherwise whats the point of their being?? (Let alone the massive negative media coverage that will no doubt be printed). If the banks lose in January yet the FSA CONTINUES to keep the waiver in place during an appeal there will be absolute uproar (and surely every justification for the re-instatement of the judicial review)??
  12. This being the case - that the Waiver can remain in place through the appeals process - pretty much puts the whole thing to bed. If an appeal is going to take 2-3 years to go through (and both sides have already stated they will appeal) what is the best that the hundreds of thousands of claimants with cases pending can hope for?? That they may or may not - at the very best - get something back in 3 years time!! Pretty dismal if so but I can't see anything else happening apart from this?? :sad:
  13. So....what iffffffff the Banks or OFT win the case in Jan/Feb and is as widely expected the losing party decides to appeal?? The FSA's Consumer Panel seems to be advocating the revoking of the waiver after the initial case is heard so will it not be the case that whilst any appeal is going through claims can be re-started and settled as before. Surely this would make any appeal futile as the majority of cases would be settled whilst the long drawn out appeal is going through the appeals process. Any thoughts??
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