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  1. Well the date for Lloyds Tsb has been and gone, I was (haha) expecting a reply back on the 31st May but nothing......have even given them couple of days grace to allow for the post but nothing!!!!!! Now I have to take it a stage further could someone please assist in this pointing me in the right direction. Would be very grateful. Janner
  2. Ok thanks for the advice broke dave. Not being to hot on pc I think I will just have to take it slowly to find out at every stage what I have to do. Court stage is making me apprehensive as I am worried that they will close my accounts down therefore making me in effect 'penniless' . Have added the charges to my statements at 8% is that Ok???????
  3. Sorry used ones from moneysavingexpert .com ( sorry if I have upset anyone) but that is where I first noticed the Letters, I will be making a donation to this site (when I win). They must be the same format as Martin Lewis does mention this site aswell:) .
  4. As I understand it then the 1st letter asking for the break down of charges was just to gain the info had to be replied within 40 days,2nd letter I sent was then informing them that I wished to get back ALL the Bank Charges to which they have declined to return any Bank charges to me. I have now sent on the 16th May a letter stating that the refund of ALL charges to which they now have 14 days to comply with and refund, after the 14 days is up I must then start Court proceedings??????
  5. Hi, I received a letter from LLOYDS TSB stating that the charges were for ' charges for extra services' blah blah and so it goes on.... On the 16th May2007 I sent a letter ( sorry don't know the correct title) to LLOYDS TSB asking for all my Bank charges back including a break down of charges adding 8% interest shown on two accounts......... 1) Is this the letter in which thet (LLOYDS TSB) have 14 days in which to reply??? 2) Can anyone tell me what the next stage is (please in simple terms) as to what I have to do next????? 3) still having difficulty in opening up a 'parachute acc
  6. Hi nicsussex Thanks for the advice and encouragement...............now lets see what happens only time will tell !!!!!!!! Janner
  7. Have just received a letter from Lloyds TSB saying 'that they are fully justified in charging................blah blah blah.' So now I am sending them a Letter threatening with the Small Claims Courts.......now I am REALLY shaking in my boots!!!!! Lets hope we don't have to go that far.
  8. Hi Just found this site. I obtained 6 years of Statements on two Accounts that I have with LLOYDS TSB,have just given Letter into LLOYDS TSB (own Branch)for £4895.00 approx, that was on 2 MAY2007, made sure that staff opened the Letter and stamped it having received on that day. Found out that I could only claim charges and not Interest Fees on overdraft or Account management charges....is this correct?????????Although this was not the total I had worked out above. Trouble is I am now worried that with the large overdraft that I have got .........this has increased as they kept puttin
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