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  1. "Jung did you have to submit anything to the court?" Such as what Aub? I had to resubmit my POC twice due to Money saving expert website not being all that great.
  2. As expected I have received a letter from D+G saying they have put a stay on my case. Court date is this Friday the 17th. I know I'll probably have to wait like everybody else but I did hear somewhere that you can appeal against a stay in times of financial hardship. I sold my car about a month ago to pay off some debts and to avoid slipping under. I now have no car and have to rely on lifts to and from work every day which is 10 miles away. I planned to buy a new car and pay off the remainder of my debts with my charges money. Would this count as financial hardship? I can't possibly be
  3. Oh dear, here we go again! Have just had another letter bac k from the court ordering me to revise my particulars of claim AGAIN! I quote "The Claimant must amend or substitute the particulars of claim by setting out the case and by including details of the charges complained of, how they are calculated and in what circumstances they were incurred." Can anybody advise me as to why I have had this returned again? Is my judge just being difficult or am I genuinely missing something here? I have followed all the advice I have been given by you guys (thanks again by the way) but kee
  4. My God why do I bother? Just phoned Hitchin county court to find out what was going on and was advised my revised POC have just (7th June) been sent up to the judge. Seeing as I sent them on the 14th May I asked them why it had taken so long to which the hag at the court took particular offence and explained that they had a backlog and were dealing with things in date order. When I asked if she knew how long it would take she said 'No, the judge will look at it when they have time, thanks, bye' and promptly hung up! I fought the urge to phone back and tell her how atrocious her telep
  5. Sorry Div but they guys are right. I wouldn't have described it as hostility to MSE but they did leave me a little high and dry and in danger of being struck out. CAG do go that extra bit to make sure everything is as it should be and I will definately be using this site from now on. The advice I have received has been bang on target and at the end of the day if these people weren't doing such a good job I would be paying a solicitor to help me out right now. Keep up the good work guys Ad
  6. Ah ha, Castlebest you're a legend! How just found the POC template in the library and it is a lot more in depth than what I was advised to put by the money saving expert website. Also I need to send a letter outlining the charges to the court in question. Guess i'll get that together and send it off and hopefully that'll keep the judge happy. Thanks for the help guys i'll be back to update when I hear more from the court. kepp up the good work
  7. Ok I am getting there (slowly). Yeah the letter basically says I need to 'set out a concise statement of the facts. (Stylised particulars do not constitute compliance)' I remember when filling in the MCO claim form in the particulars of claim section I could not fir in all the text it was advised from the money saving expert website. I removed the bit I perceived to be of least importance so I could get the majority of the text on there. This I feel may be my donwfall although I could see no other option at the time. Here is what I put Between the dates of 15/02/01 and 17/10/06
  8. Hi yeah that does help a little tahnsk but in terms of what I actually need to prepare I am stuck. I have follwed the money saving expert sites advice step by step so why has nobody else received this? Surely I have provided all this information already no?
  9. I am in the process of claiming back approx £5,500 for HSBC inc fees. I returned my allocation questionaire to my local county court about 1 month ago and yesterday called them to see what was going on. They told me the case had been referred to the judge and I would hear something within 5 days. This morning I received a letter (which I have not yet seen, mum opened it on the phone) stating that I need to provide more concise information relating to the claim and referring to CPR 16.4 (1)!!!!! I have no idea what this means and am completely lost. I am also a little worried that I r
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