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  1. looks like bw legal are going to try their luck in Hull county court as it seems a few people have now received claim forms for st Andrews retail park. ps did you receive ant threatening phone calls from BW Legal?
  2. do wiki search for ben dover (uk porn star) it explains all about his goldeneye [problem].
  3. just checked and there is nothing about either on the ntk (just ways to pay) the only appeals they are offering must be to them direct (it says appeals can only be made in English as well).
  4. Thanks for your input guys I've passed it on. as for the letter itself it seems very vague about what they are claiming for it says things like you have either failed to purchase valid parking time (whatever that is) or not parked in accordance with the terms and conditions. their so called evidence consists of 2 black screenshots with only her reg visible. (time stamped) also I noticed on their letter that they say she can appeal to them direct if she fells the ticket is unfair there is no mention of p.o.p.la or any other sort of appeals panal that she can appeal to just themselves which I thought was a requirement when sending people these demands. I also noticed that there was no mention of the pofa in their letter which is I presume the bases that they are claiming on. any thoughts? cheers
  5. thanks for your reply. so if my understanding is correct then they are a day late in serving the ntk?
  6. Hi guys and a happy new year to you all. a friend at work has come to me for help regarding a parking charge from our old favourites parking eye. the letter she has received says that the alleged offence took place on the 29th of December last year but the letter demanding 100 pounds is dated the 13th of January (received on the 16th). I seem to remember reading somewhere that the company concerned has 14 days from the offence to make contact with the rk is this still (or was ever )correct? thanks in advance
  7. look at the bottom of the zeneth letter. its just another trading name of dr+ keep ignoring.
  8. i pay my employer (the land owner) £7 per month to park. the bay in question is marked on the ground as short stay but give you no information as to what they consider a short stay to be.
  9. no m8 they did not just said 14 days to pay £30 or it goes up to £60 and they will not correspond about it anymore.
  10. hi m8 its ncp and its a hospital car park that i pay a monthly fee to park on(they are claiming that i was parked on a unsigned restricted area).
  11. Hi guys i received a notice to keeper dated 27/05/14 from a well known private car parking company. the letter gave me 28 days to appeal starting on the 27th. i sent my appeal via ist class signed for on the 24th of June (along with a couple of other appeals that i had to make. They have now replied that i am out of time to appeal as they did not receive the letter until the 30th of June six days after i posted a supposed next working day delivery service. the company are now saying that they will not discuss it anymore and have 14 days to pay them £30 or it will go up to £60. What do i do?. thanks in advance
  12. hello yes i do now have a staff permit but there is no signage saying who can or cant park in these bays.
  13. Hello guys i wonder if you could help me. I work at a hospital that has the misfortune of employing NCP to run the parking and have now retrieved 5 tickets (Monday to Friday) for parking in a parking bay near to the department that i work in. I have now received 5 notice to keepers demanding £60 a time that's £300 ! for 5 days parking. i have checked the entrance to the site and there is no signs stating that it is pay and display car park or that parking is in any way restricted (the bay that i parked in did have short stay painted on the ground next to it but no indication of how long they consider short stay to be). having checked the other two entrances to the site (they are 3)only 1 which was not the one i used has any sort of signage stating that you must pay and display. any advice would be gratefully received. thank you mark
  14. hi im appealing a ticket and have sent off a letter of appeal after i received my notice to owner. now ive received a letter back saying that i need to write my appeal on the sheet of paper that they provided with the nto is this correct?. the reason i ask is its only a couple of days left till the appeal time runs out and i think that they are just trying it on so that they can say sorry your appeal is out of time. the appeal was received by them on the 17/8/11 but its taken them till today 24/8/11 to gat back to me with this and the 28 days are up on the 28/8/11. any ideas thanks
  15. sorry to sound think m8 but are you saying that the bay markings are classed as part of the signage?.
  16. about 2 years ago by a couple of council workmen. some of the bays down the street have double lines at one end and single at the other. (2 men working from differant rule books me thinks)
  17. hi m8 ive uploaded on imageshack but the forum wont let me post links as i dont have enough posts.
  18. ps sorry guys it wont let me post my pics as i dont have enoght post yet but will send a link to them if needed. cheers
  19. Hi guys i have just got a new car and forgot to renew my residents permit. this morning i got a ticket whilst parked outside my house:-x its a controlled parking zone with 2 hours parking (if you have no permit) however after looking at the photos ive taken it looks like the bay is incorrectly marked as it is one of those long bays with no indervidual markings. am i right in thinking that these types of bays MUST have a single white line at both ends instead of the double white lines that my pictures show. any thoughts cheers.
  20. About a year ago but i still have regular contact with them as i now work at one of the hospitals that they provide the security for.
  21. I used to work for these guys in hull. they only do places like retail parks (The Mount on mount plesant for example) and both of hulls hospitals (security only). FYI vinci park have the council contract so its just a case of ignore ignore ignore. its just an invoice. regards
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