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  1. They did mention 1437 times in the letters that I should have asked for overdraft facilities, although I asked 1437+1 times and been refused. They know that by refusing they have a fat chance of gloating you money for unauthorised OD. And yes, they did mention some "changes" to my services (the "we don't want you" attitude) if I still have problems so I could find a better deal somewhere else. However, I don't think they checked me out properly. Logically thinking, no matter how much they might want me out, there's little they can do: my children have their junior accounts with them, I have
  2. Hi, Please check my post on this site by clicking here I WON!!! IN 16 WEEKS! SO FORGET ABOUT ANY JUDGE RULING. JUDGES ARE DIFFERENT, PEOPLE ARE DIFFERENT AND BANKS ARE DIFFERENT! Hope I helped! Good Luck!
  3. Hi, I Just got 2 letters from NatWest 2 pages each, explaining how wrong I am to claim the money and how right they are to charge, how my "complaint" does not have any grounds and how "concerned" they are that I "feel" I had to complain. The last paragraph, though, in both letters, with the "goodwill gesture" talk, they are offering me settlements for amounts higher than I claimed for!!! I think they included the charges taken after I started the claim process. Not that I am complaining. Anyway, they offered me this, refusing to accept any liabilities for any errors I claimed thay made. Tha
  4. Hi and thanks for your advice on my problem. I just sent my 3rd letter to Natwest with my second demand and warning to go to court. (Bank charges: Reclaim them, they're unlawful, so you can get six years money back | MoneySavingExpert: Consumer Revenge, Credit Cards, Shopping, Bank Charges, Cheap Flights and more). I have to say that they are very slow. I sent 2 checks (£10 each) for 2 accounts beginning of February. After 5 weeks I got copies of statements for my 2 accounts (full 6 years as requested) and 1 check back. The other one was cashed a week before. When I sent my refund
  5. I want to add that this is MY FIRST EVER TICKET of any kind and, ironically, got it at home!
  6. Hi, I just got my first ever parking ticket and it's for parking in front of my house! We live in a very quiet Close with just a few houses and no many pedestrians. The only few people you see are the neighbours walking to their cars and back. I did park on the main road with 2 wheels slightly on the pavement though. Mind you it's a small and girly KIA car. The road is very narrow and I thought I was doing my neighbours a favour by creating more driveable road space. I'VE BEEN PARKING LIKE THAT FOR 5 YEARS! Everybody was parking this way. Today everybody parked on the road (each household ha
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