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  1. if oyu have a car sell it ot a family memeber or close friend for £1...... photo copy the chage of owenrt ship to the dvlc and sen4d it recorded so you have proof of posting.....
  2. just reply that they did nto comply with the law regards the ppi and give a clear specific date tha tif you have not had cleared funds by you will commenct court action..... inbetween get your court paperwork ready..... it is your claim and your time frame not theirs.....
  3. those are the standard response given by cap one.....I had no problem with them and got all the ppi back as well as charges butthen I did send the bailiffs in!!!....
  4. you could have your mob number changed by your provider. you will keep everythign in your phone book just not them:)
  5. send the letter again only reg post this time. andif you are sure that you never used it then you have to tell them the card has been fradulantly used....
  6. I will be up there in April Scott. kissing the hallowed ground.... and drinking the purest of watter...
  7. lol ha ha ya diddy..... thats a bliddy long wal sun.... 10 Downing street seems as guid a place as oany:) howsitgauinbigman?
  8. if they are unsure of your IDthen how can they persue the debt? my resposne ot that letter would be I acknoweldge receipt of your letter dated 12.34.56 and draw your attention to the following. for the avoidance of doubt, for you to progress with collection activity on an account, you must be certain that you are persuing the correct party. It is clear by your communications that youa re not sure of this and shoudl you pass details of a person or person onto 3rd party agencies without clarifying their ID you could possibly be in breach of the data protection act. Now you have thus far failed to comply with the cca request, the 40 day period has now expired and you are in point of fact commiting an offence. I have treid to be as reasonable as possible with regards this matter and your nocompliance but feel you ahve left me no alternatiive but to seek professional intervention in this matter.. Yours Disgustedly.... or somethign along those lines.... Auds
  9. I am totally disgusted at the way the banks are having our money ppoured in to plug all their holes and yet they are A handing out bonuses right left adn centre, they are also carrying on their legal action and horrific cost... The 2nd in command at the FSA has gone because he did nothing.... inho people power could well be the only answer to resolve this.... We could write to our MP's and Mr Darling and Brown, but maybe a march might get their attention a little more and actually kick them into action.... if you own 70 % of something then you are the major driving force. and can then make decissions!!! anyone else have any thoguths on this? Auds
  10. iti s my understanding that is is from now . ie 30 jan 2009 they will go back 6 years... am not sure if they drop of week by week or month by month. just checked mine on line and they go back to feb 03.. and you have struck gold the fact they have given you statements beyond 6 years..... is this hsbc?
  11. there you go molly there a rough draft for you to play around with.... and add what you wish to...
  12. ACCOUNT NUMBER: XXXXXXX Dear Sirs Re: Account in dispute I am writing to clarify that I am currently in the process of requesting a refund of bank charges unlawfully made to my account. I note from your latest correspondence that you are demanding repayment within 7 days of my over draft on this account. I need to make you fully aware that I am disputing the sum owed and, as such, you must refrain from any further action until this dispute is fully resolved. The current Banking Code (Section 13.6) states: We may give information to Credit Reference Agencies about the personal debts you owe us if: You have fallen behind with your payments, The amount owed is not in dispute; and You have not made proposals we are satisfied with for repaying your debt, following our formal demand. I would also like to make you aware of The Office of Fair Trading Code of Guidance in which it states: putting pressure on debtors or third parties is considered to be oppressive This includes ignoring disputes about whether money is owed and refusing to freeze action if the debt is in dispute. I have a plan with ccs which is being bpaid every month, you refused to accept this, despite your refusal my payments have continued and will continue to do so. A copy of this letter adn the one received from you are being sent to the FSA and the OFT for their information. I therefore hope to receive your full co-operation in this matter and would like to request a written response to that effect. Yours sincerely,
  13. how about we follow the french example today they held a general country wide strike in protest to the money pouring into the banks.... they have asked for the same guarentees for jobs and wages..... or a protest march in london..........
  14. lol this is true pete...... but people power....bhow about following the french stance of today a days general strike......... or a protest march in london......
  15. hi molly check you overdraft contract i am sure it is 28 days notice ....... your mortgage is totally different.... I would write telling them you have not made an offer as they refuse to deal with the unfair charges and the account is in dispute.... i would also write to the fsa enclosing a copy of their letter.... i am 99% sure they are breaching the banking code.... psss looks like they are starting ot seriously struggle.....
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