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  1. I asked for my 6 years of bank charges over 40 days ago, i sent it off with my cheque, got the cheque back with a letter saying they would look in to it and get back to me no longer than 14 day. Still no reply or no statements over 40 days later. I have therefore sent them an e-mail informing them it is a legal requirement to provide me with the statements and it is a breach of my S.A.R and i would have no choice but to complain to the Information Commisioner for non compliance if i got no response. That was sent today so i will let you all know if i hear anything back. We will see!!!
  2. Hello everyone, I posted my letter with my £10 a while ago (over 30/40 days), i got a reply saying they wouldn't charge me the £10 and would get back to me. I have heard nothing and have not received the 6 years worth information back. What shall i do, i don't know whether to contact one of these no win no fee groups and let them do it for me. Any advice anyone?? Many Thanks
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