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  1. I put my claim in to HSBC for my bank charges and it went to court before the OFT case, however was stayed as most were pending the outcome of the case. I just wondered what stage we were at now and when a resolution will be made? Is there any expected outcome?
  2. Lenlu

    Tracey vs HSBC

    Thanks for your reply, just making sure I havent missed anything...
  3. Lenlu

    Tracey vs HSBC

    Hiya all.....well I didnt apply for a stay removal in the end, too many things were going on....but Im back now and wondering where I am now, I havent heard anything from DG or the court since they put a stay on the case? has to oft thing finished? where are we now?
  4. Lenlu

    Tracey vs HSBC

    Just got the stuff belwo so far, pinched from the stay post Claim Number:XXXXXXX In the XXXXXXXX County Court Between: [YOU] Claimant -and- XXXXXXX BANK PLC Defendant I strongly object to the proposed order of a stay in respect of the claim detailed above upon the following grounds; Human rights It would infringe my rights under the European Convention on Human Rights directly and as enacted in the Human Rights Act 1998. Article 6 of the Convention provides that; “1. In the
  5. Lenlu

    Tracey vs HSBC

    LOL thanks hun, now to work out what I am relying on
  6. Lenlu

    Tracey vs HSBC

    absolutly, thanks hun Just a little question the form N244 is that avaliable online or do I go to my court to get it?
  7. Lenlu

    Tracey vs HSBC

    OK had a read, is the form avaliable online? do i send that doc as supporting evidence?
  8. Lenlu

    Tracey vs HSBC

    OK, I have seen the application for removal or stay thread, is that what I send or is there a form to fill in? If so do i send that document listed in the app of stay thread too? Im not going to be able to ring them before weds though as Im working long days tomorrow and tuesday, but will hopefully get in on the 7 day deadline. TBH though if there is a fee I dont think I will bother Im so dis illusioned, can see the money slipping away from me I hope the test case goes our way al, would love to use your letters etc anything appreciated
  9. Lenlu

    Tracey vs HSBC

    Nothing in bold on my letter apart from the judges name and it says 4) This order having been made on the courts own initiuative, either party may apply to vary or revoke it provided the application is made not later than 7 days after the service of the order together with the appropraite fee so i guess they still taking my money Whats the chance DG will apply for the stay to be lifted then!!?? My question is obv this is not be resolved til feb next year, do i keep sending nudge letters or just leave it for now?
  10. Lenlu

    Tracey vs HSBC

    well, gutted, I received a letter yesterday, My case has been stayed by the court until the outcome of the high court case, which according to them will be Feb 2008. It says I can apply for the stay to be lifted, is it worth it? have any been lifted after application? It also mentions a fee for appling for a stay to be lifted, anyone know what this is? Really disillusioned and gutted now
  11. Lenlu

    Courts & Stays

    I have a hearing on 4th october, received a letter yesterday issuing a blanket stay on all cases pending outcome of the court case, which according to my letter will be feb 2008. My case was at Derby court
  12. jowalshy you from derby? i notice the judge was the sama as mine
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