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  1. Hi. I also require terms and conditions for Monument Visa, am at court bundle stage did you find any taurus66 ?? cheers
  2. Hi, anyone know where / got terms and conditions for monment visa card ? Am at court bundle stage and trying to find em ta
  3. Me too I am preparing court bundle for monument, anyone know where I can get copy of terms and conditions ?
  4. I also have today received notice of transfer re monument, they have put in a defence, do I just wait now ? it says judge has dispensed with the AQ in this case ??
  5. Monument The Portland Building 25 High Street Crawley West Sussex RH10 1BG i'm using this one, MCOL in progress
  6. Wrote to Bank of Scotland Mastercard Pitreavie business park on 13 April - SAR. Had no reply, I think they cashed the cheque for £10 though. Anyone got another address for data manager / controller at this outfit ? mabe phone number ? Shrek
  7. Thanks M8 this is on a cahoot visa account all i can see are billed finance charges and billed deferred finance charges, I asssume all i can claim are the charge for late payment ? ? cant see many of those
  8. Hi all, just wondered if anyone can tell me what txt to look for in my SAR from Cahoot. I see billed deferred finance charges, billed finance charges, charge for late payment. Is it only charge for late payment that I can claim ? Cant see many of those Shrekuk
  9. Monument The Portland Building 25 High Street Crawley West Sussex RH10 1BG thats the one i am using
  10. Recently started the process with First Direct. Have recieved a letter confirming they will send me six years worth of statements via courier and they generously did not accept my ten quid !! I can see some late night studying comming up !!!! Anyone else had their information provided this way from First Direct ???
  11. Hi all, I recently joined, I have commenced the procedure with First Direct, Cahoot, Egg, Monument, Capital One and Morgan Stanley !! Subject Letters sent to all, lets see what happens Its already feels kind of satisfying . . .. . .
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