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  1. I got extra as I complained that CG treated me unfairly by refusing to accept a small amount which was offered by PayPlan.
  2. i was offered under £10 redress, so i complained, and ended up getting back near £130... im a happy camper. i had paid near £360 on my loan!
  3. Sounds like some experience... I'm confused about 'the call centre made a mistake'. Call centre staff aren't technically trained. What mistake did they make. If you have independent reports, create a small claim against British gas. That will get there undivided attention
  4. OFT suspended a Payday loan firms license last year, and also revoked Yes Loans
  5. if you have not opted out from a lender for marketing and you they passed your details on, they have done nothing wrong. However i had an issue with GB finance, who run various sites, and their MD came on here. i tracked him online through whois, and spoke to him.... the guy got me off all his lists so i was happy!
  6. OK well have a look at the t&c's http://www.britishgas.co.uk/pdf/HomeCare%20Range%20Terms%20and%20Conditions.pdf In here it states BGas wont cover 3rd party damage.... if you search the t&c's you will notice nowhere in it does it state the Powerflush muct be carried out by Bgas. The engr might be on commission so will want you to buy from him, rather than another company.
  7. BG will cover if done by another company, but wont fix any damage they might cause... ie hole in rad. You need to challenge the engineer... backed up with the t&c's
  8. i believe when you apply.... it will approve you in principle. so i wouldnt be worried, infact you should be celebratin!
  9. You should ask the AA £40.... If YOUR not at home in the alotted time slot and they call they may charge an attendance fee of £40. They never attended your property in the alloted lot. chance your arm
  10. also you should read their terms and conditions, hidden on the 2nd last page under Our Repair standards: Repairs are USUALLY TEMPORARY to alleviate the emergency. We MAY however carry out a permanent repair if at similar cost. Comprehensive or not, they dont guarantee much.
  11. whats the make of tele. remember if Baird this is B'houses own brand. you dont need their silly insurance as 1st yrs guarantee would cover this.
  12. CAB would advise the company doesnt have to freeze interest, but ost companies do.
  13. Minicredit are a [problem]. ive heard this before, wherey they refuse a rollover, but if you pay, the loan and reapply you get your loan..... SO WHY? Well cos they are going to sting you £19.50 to send the loan to your bank account. and not their is no option on their site not to have this faster payment.
  14. I believe BG will push a P/flush on a gas boiler sale. but the customer may decide against it.
  15. surely he wouldnt get a license. that would defeat the purpose of them suspending MCO.
  16. im sure they will with the charges, but thats when you dispute, and barter with them.
  17. speed credit wont do much know but closer to the 28days they might try and raid. this is where people need to instantly complain to the OFT and make them aware
  18. debt will still be owed. they will sell to another company who should be easier to deal with
  19. Even though Speed Credit has been closed down, they will sell the debt to another company.
  20. ok go to speedcredit.co.ukfill your name, email address, and mobile number, click apply. it will now take you to the application screen.the wee orange at the bottom right hand side has TFF 2008-2012 copyright.when in the application screen look at the web address: https://www.toothfairyfinance.com/secure/loanmailer.php?step=2is that proof enough?
  21. Ya dancer..... i assume Toothfairy is gone as well. though looking at Speedcredit their site is still up and running.
  22. MEM arent speedcredit! speedcredit is Toothfairy, just like nextcreditandwhoever MCO is they have had their license revoked and fined over 500k
  23. http://citywire.co.uk/money/payday-lender-fined-over-half-a-million-pounds-for-fraud-weakness/a610404?ref=citywire-money-latest-news-listtbh ive never heard of them or came across them.but good riddance!
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