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  1. Instead of going abroad,why not come up to Scotland. I am constantly amazed at the lengths of people waiting for dental treatment when i see them on TV,up here there are virtually no such problems,i would go as far as to say it is almost obsolete,more so where i live (Motherwell).
  2. Thanks for the reply tiglet,i know where you are coming from,but i had at least 6 x rays to contend with in the months after November,and as you may possibly know,when you have a bone scan,it apparently is able to find any wrongful diagnosis. More than likely,i won't go down to road of suing them,i dislike this suing culture although there are cases in which people do have to contend with.
  3. May 2005,i collapsed in a heap after my hip replacement gave way,a day less than 7 weeks later (8th July) i finally got the all clear after having a new hip put in. The head honcho told me to use a pair of crutches for 6 weeks,then a walking stick,so come October i told the local G.P. my new hip was still very painful.. He asked my local hospital to refer me for physiotherapy,and from November 2005 until January this year i was still in agony,and for some reason always after physio and acupuncture. Since then,i have been for a bone scan and also had umpteen x rays,and a steroid inj
  4. Footnote. Do not accept anything less than the full amount you asked for,it is your money,you are entitled to every penny you asked for.
  5. ...and me,looks a very well laid out site,easy to use as well.
  6. Tony Hendrix

    Hi folks.

    I just found this place from some nice person on Martinsmoneysavers.com. Okies,the question i'm going to ask has probably been asked before,maybe even 1 million times,so can i make it 1,000,001, can anyone tell me if i can claim for the small fees that may say something like.......Charges to (then the date is listed when it has been collected. I use the Royal Bank of Scotland,and on my bank sheets,it is the 4th letter down on the left hand side which is the one i am querying. Thanks for any advice.
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