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  1. Hi loopylou22 my friend had her warranty cancelled after quite a few months of haggling,carcraft were at first unwilling to do anything but after the FO got involved they wrote cancelling the contract and repaying the money my friend had paid,its a horible situation,but i would advise anyone to keep trying,cant make things any worse can it?? good luck!! x
  2. Hi Havent been on the site for ages,so heres an update,my friend (as above)reported carcraft to the FO,who replied saying they would look into her case,last saturday she rec a letter from carcraft"cancelling" her warranty""as requested""!!!!This was after lodging a formal complaint against them,having rec approx 10 "give us our money "letters from them,visits from debt collectors,the lot!!!She sent the FO all the correspondance between herself and carcraft,and after nearly 5 months of stress and worry carcraft finally decided to cancel this worthless piece of c***,the diff between yourself
  3. hi mattyj23 Exactly the same type of sales technique was used on my friend,the casual "and because im such a nice guy i'll throw this in for you".She has reported them to Trading Standards who were more than happy to help bcoz they have had so many complaints about carcraft and their sales team,will keep you posted on whatever my friend gets back,Have you thought about contacting Trading Standards yourself over your agreement?
  4. carcraft are apparently "looking into " my friends case,the fact that she didnt get a copy af the agreement will perhaps be her get out clause,if anyone else has had dealings with carcraft over their warranty i would be glad of any advice or tips you could pass on
  5. hi yeh its normal i got same one,just continue with your claim,n1 form via county court or mcol,whichever you think is the best route for you,
  6. hi yeh the warranty is with NAC. my friend has been the CAB who have now referred her to trading standards,bcoz she didnt rec the "warranty" paperwork in the post with the finance agreement within 7 days(she had to ask for it after anotha payment was taken out of her acc) the CAB think this may help her case bcoz you must rec all paperwork within that time legally,trading standards were happy to take the case on as the file on carcraft is growing daily!!!as for the finance side of it,they said the same thing to her and as she had never applied for finance before went along with it bcoz she
  7. hi wait the 14 days you gave them in the LBA then file your court case,ive just done that with the N1 form via my local county court,,GOOD LUCK!!
  8. just an update,my friend is in constant! communication with carcraft over her "warranty" which isnt worth the paper its written on anyway ,but carcraft have written to her saying there is nothing she can do as she signed the agreement,even tho THAT agreement was the one she DIDNT rec thru the post with her finance agreement,they put a form in with this "go away your stuck with it letter" saying that if she didnt agree with their decision she could appeal!!are these people for real!?!?!?OF COURSE SHES GOING TO APPEAL!!!!!anyway its taking forever and she seems to be getting nowhere fast,also sh
  9. hi emt the damn bloody thing opened on my 10000000th attempt but thanks for the info!!!
  10. anybody any ideas why i cant open the link to the court bundle!?!?! ANYBODY!?!?!?! Basic Court Bundle
  11. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/671-2-letter-preliminary-approach.html
  12. as far as i u/stand interest isnt added till the court stage,so if you have all your charges the prelim letter is your next step,so just deal with one step at a time,copy n paste the spread sheet,hide the int column and detail your own charges.
  13. hi mescalero ,interest isnt added till you actually go to court,have you got the spreadsheet you need?i just copied n pasted?!
  14. hi as far as i understand it unless you have either copies of your statements showing when the charges were taken or a copy of just the charges themselves then your next step is to report the bank for not complying? ICO – Information Commissioner's Office
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