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  1. sorry im a bit late with this i forgot to update I wrote to the landowners head office in London who in turn contacted the manager of the complex he arranged for my ticket to be cancelled and sent me a confirmation email job well done , thanks to the forum
  2. many thanks for your various replies seeing the law hasnt changed , i will just ignore all the junk that will now come though thanks again
  3. thanks all im somewhat undecided what to do; ive written a letter , but cant help thinking im better to just ignore , as indeed i have in years gone by Did the law chnage last year in relation to parking on private land , or have a dreamt that up myself ?
  4. thanks for your quick reply renegadeimp are there any template letters on the site for writing to the owner of the car park ?
  5. good evening I have this evening recieved a UK CPS Ltd PARKING CHARGE NOTICE at Cardigan Fields in Leeds - almost illegible as the self carbonated paper has barely marked In years gone by ive ignored such notices , however did the law change in 2012 ? do i have to pay this or should i ignore as I have done in previous years ? many thanks for your replies; im a little out of touch with the forum these days
  6. good evening in jan i was issued with a local authority PCN which i have challenged as it should never have been issued. I emailed my local authority with a photograph of the parking issue and recieved an auto reply saying my ticket would be put on hold pending investigation and i would receive a reply in 10 working days. 2 months later I have heard nothing else from the local authority. Is there a statutory time period in which they need to reply to me ? On discussing this with a neighbour, they suggested that as local authority staffing levels have been slashed that perhaps quite simply they are unable to deal with the deluge of parking appeals.
  7. Just over 3 years ago, as I had arrears on a car purchased through a main dealer, I agreed that the finance company , which im sure was then known as RFS, could collect the car which they duly did and i heard no more from them, nor was I asked to pay any monies, Suddenly a couple of weeks ago, I recieved a letter from Salans ( never heard of them ) saying that Solex have acquired the business of Salans LLP and I will shortly contacted by Solex. Im confused what does this mean and how can I not have any communication from them in over 3 years and then get a letter out of the blue. surely if there was any money owed, they can not leave it for over 3 years and then suddenly get in touch ?
  8. Hi all BT Infinity broadband is coming to my area in January and it looks really good to me, as we only vurrently get a speed of 0.5 has anyone out there got BT Infinity ? how was installation, is it reliable and consistently fast ? many thanks seen the light
  9. Hi AWC, i notice you say you only have 1 more payment to make on your IVA. My IVA has 18 months to run ( yippee ) so im in the home straight. however I wondered, was anything different asked for in your annual review at the end of year 4 or indeed as you entered your final year of payments ie was the annual review carried out as usual ? did any creditors try to be difficult when your year annual review take place ? I just wondered as im curious as to how the final year pans out. I seem to imagine that my final years payments could be hiked, not sure why Im htinking like this. anyway congratulations on almost being over the post. im 18 months away from having spare money in my pocket and whilst difficult in the early days of my IVA, its the best thing I ever did regards seen the light
  10. Have faith in all previous postings; I have been ignoring similar from excel parking and they went away months ago. Similarly with NCP, I am now at the stage where I have recieved this week from ICC Legal Services Ltd NOTICE OF LEGAL PROCEEDINGS. This is a different organisation as showin the the NCP chain of letters as mentioned in a post earlier today, however this was for a pccn not a pcn in a private NCP car park. Whilst I can find no mention of ICC in any other threads on here I am not worried, I imagine as forum members no longer even respond to Graham White solicitors & Roxburgh debt collections, they are using another lmethod of extracting monies as part of this very proffesional ongoing [problem]. have faith !!
  11. Thanks Lamma On checking its an ncp PCCN not a PCN, does this therefore mean I can just ignore as if it was from the Excell cowboys ? many thanks stl:-D
  12. just read my post, apologies for all my typoes !!! maybe i need to learn how to touch type & spend 30 seconds checking my post before submitting !!
  13. Its been a whilse ince my last posting; ignoring excell meant that it would appear they have ventually given up, havnt heard anything for months,, however on a similar subject, different company... At 11pm on Saturday evening, I parked in an NCP ( not council ) private car park. On the ground floor, there were several bays used for Car washing, empty at 11pm so i parked in one ( as indeed had some other cars by the side wall. On returning to my car at 4.30am ( deignated non drinking driver i hasten to add ) , there was a NCP PCN on the windscreen. I had a quick scout round and there was absolutely nothing near these spaces to say you couldnt park ( for soem reason the cars adjacent had not been ticketed and were there when i arrived at 11pm ). The reason given was that I had parked on a restricted area. I know that in soem areas, NCP wardens work on behalf of the council, not sure if this is the case in my town, but this car park is a private NCP car park; therefore should i treat this PCN as I would if cowboys company Excell issued it ie ignore it, as this is what i intend to do, unless it is legally enforceable
  14. Hawadsworth yes im holding out... hopefully this will not backfire regards seen the light:-)
  15. Baldy Man , Bar Steward I too have recieved a " FINAL WARNING " like the other posting from someone else today; I note we recieved the last letter from Graham White on the same date so am assuming you too will have had one of these today ? who knows, we could all end up at court on the same day HO HO HO regards seen the light:grin:
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