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  1. Hi there i have had good results in the past reclaiming from the halifax bank £2000, all credit cards cases have paid me up, but i have another case with halifax bank and they have been given a stay (obviously), what do i do to get stay lifted or should i sit tight? I would rather fight them!
  2. i have beaten capitaal one for charges about 3 months ago but they have put a default notice on my credit file can i get this removed????????
  3. just an update the courts have issued a stay pending on the 'testcase' in the next day barclaycard sent a letter saying they will pay what they owe including statuary interest! however the amount they want to settle on is about £30 short of my claim, is this a mistake by them???? shall i except or carry on
  4. there denying that its a breach of the 1999 act and basically saying that it my fault for breaches the bterms of my contract by making late payments i am claiming back only £212 plus £17.44 interest and i have to fill in a question aire from the courts
  5. i've received a letter from my court with barclaycards defence, and a questionaire to fill in. I've won numerous claims but never been at this stage, do i need brown trouses?
  6. i am over drawn, and it is not a renewel fee, its a fee they say for watching my account until i bring my overdraught back to what they seem fit and charging me this management fee of £50 per month until i do it says on my statements 'management fee'
  7. the wynn

    lee vs hsbc

    I have a business account with hsbc and they are charging me £50 per month 'management fee' because i need to lower my overdraught from £10,00 to £2,000. They agrred to give me the overdraught now there saying its too much and want to lower it, and they are very kindly charging me £50 for the pleasure! can i reclaim these charges????????
  8. finally got a reply from lloyds after sending SAR, they have only sent a list of charges dating back 5 months. i handed in my SAR over my branch counter and it contained £10 cash.I phoned them they are going to sort it asap? is this normal procedure to delay us?
  9. im filling in N1 form and need to know if barclaycard is a PLC thanks Lee
  10. is barclaycard a plc need to know for n1 form thanks lee
  11. sorry to bother u all but does any one know barclays bank address to send my sar, i've been here an hour looking for it and theres no one at the barclays forum thanks
  12. sound advice all, there still ****tin it arent they
  13. just phoned halifax about some more charges levied to my account and i got a recorded message saying they will not be dealing with this and all complaints are on hold until an ongoing test case is complete (could be in ayear) and if i take them to court they will apply to put the case on hold until this case has ended, is this right???
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