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  1. I'm confused now!!


    I have had letter from abbey (8 weeks after my initial complaint) saying as a gesture of good will they have given me £120 back (claiming with interest £800) so have said I will not accept this as full and final settlement etc. So no I am unsure what to do because I thought I should just take court action but some posts above say complain to FOS. I also want to check because I have received back £120 the amount I still have to claim is under the £750 max for small claims court so can I now do a small claims court or does the amount they have already paid me get taken into account?


    Im just a bit mixed up by all the legal stuff.


    Any help much appreciated.


    Julie x

  2. Just lately Clydesdale bank have changed their defence and have had success from this and been awarded costs, this has been tried and tested so please be aware and move carefully.


    Advise had been given not to run smallclaims at the same time to avoid the action being moved to OA and quite rightly so, however after claiming an earlier smallclaim for £750 i had my second smallclaim case thrown out today as incompetent due to having claimed earlier.

    The ruling was that i should have claimed all the charges at the same time and not to return at a later date and claim again for other charges as i knew or should have known at the earlier smallclaim that these charges were to be claimed also.


    So in Scotland against CB only at the moment as i expect other banks to use this soon, if your charges are say over £1500 then you will only get one claim at it so decide if it is worthwhile raising an OA or accepting the £1500 (summary cause) if you are not the much over it.


    Could you clarifiy for me if it is ok to put 2 claims in if they are different accounts (with the same bank) - I have one claim for about £500 and another for £200 but once interest is added its over £750 so would like to do 2 claims. If not I will just claim both but not interest.

  3. Well done!!!


    I just joined this forum and wanted advice re: abbey. I have had no joy with them offering even a partial payment so threatened court action and just had another letter saying they are still looking into it and will reply in 4 weeks (had one of these letters alreday) so looks like I have to start court proceedings - just not sure what i need to do - did you have to start court proceedings - can you help?

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