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  1. Just looked on FOS and says it can settle most claims within 6-9 months. I definitely can't and don't want to wait that long for my money back so think I will just do the small claims route instead. Will amend my schedule of charges taking out £120 worth (that they have refunded me) and keep it below the £750. Does this sound OK?
  2. I'm confused now!! I have had letter from abbey (8 weeks after my initial complaint) saying as a gesture of good will they have given me £120 back (claiming with interest £800) so have said I will not accept this as full and final settlement etc. So no I am unsure what to do because I thought I should just take court action but some posts above say complain to FOS. I also want to check because I have received back £120 the amount I still have to claim is under the £750 max for small claims court so can I now do a small claims court or does the amount they have already paid me get taken into account? Im just a bit mixed up by all the legal stuff. Any help much appreciated. Julie x
  3. Is it ok to claim twice in small claims if they are for 2 different accounts? Not sure whether to just ask for charges andnot interest so I keep within £750 limit or do 2 claims. Obviously want as much back as possible but don't want to get 1 claim and loose out on another.
  4. Hello, Could you clarifiy for me if it is ok to put 2 claims in if they are different accounts (with the same bank) - I have one claim for about £500 and another for £200 but once interest is added its over £750 so would like to do 2 claims. If not I will just claim both but not interest.
  5. Well done!!! I just joined this forum and wanted advice re: abbey. I have had no joy with them offering even a partial payment so threatened court action and just had another letter saying they are still looking into it and will reply in 4 weeks (had one of these letters alreday) so looks like I have to start court proceedings - just not sure what i need to do - did you have to start court proceedings - can you help?
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