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  1. Hi Steven, what make and model is your laptop?, If you can please let me know, then I will have a word with my suppliers, and let you know, what I can find out for you. PS im in the trade, and have been for a number of years. Hope this helps be safe Nige
  2. Hi bud.. cyber scrub, is a good one, ive used it in the past. Now I use Active kill disk. Alternatively, you could use the manufacturers llf utilities. A real good program for this, is either UBCD, or Hirens Boot disc. Both free of charge found on good ole google Hope this helps be safe nige
  3. I agree elsa. Low level formatting, is the best way to stop data from being recovered. You can do a quick format, but even this way I can recover data if needed. (I'm a pc techy, so have the tools to recover data, in case anyone was wondering lol) The ideal way, is a low level format, which is done with multiple passes, usually 7 does the trick, which from memory is to NASA standards. Although this does take a couple of hours, its better being safe then sorry. be safe nige
  4. Very nice lappy you have there matey.. you lucky beggar lol
  5. When I replace DC sockets, I usually charge around £45 inc the socket, so anything around that mark would be good. Alternatively, there is a site, which im not sure if I can name here or not, which do all manner of laptop repairs, and from memory, their charge is £40.00, plus shipping / courier. If I am allowed to name them, then please let me know, if not, then pm me, and I will gladly give you the details. I have used them numerous times in the past, and have never let me down yet. Hope this helps take care for now be safe jgg
  6. a few more awesome freebies.. (these I install on all pc's that come into my workshop) - Firefox, CCleaner, Malwarebytes, Thunderbird (email client, runs in conjunction with open office), Cobian Backup There are a few more, but these are the usual suspects
  7. Or the software would be on the hidden partition. Be safe Nige
  8. Hi Muglady, re the software not being under guarantee, all I can say to that, is, how can any company guarentee software, when users load all manner of things. Some unintentionally, ie malware viruses etc. I run my own computer repair business, and we don't warrantee software, we simply cant for the above reasons. Sorry its not what you want to hear. I'm no lover of Dell, but in this instance, I have to side with them im afraid.
  9. thanks again ladies. if it wasnt for your help, id be floating in flotsom lol have a great day be safe nige xx
  10. Hi guys, Just an update for you. After sending off the email, that Andie kindly wrote for me, and having no response off them, I sent a chasing mail on Monday. Just received a call off the council, stating that as long as I pay jacobs their fees of £42.50, the council will accept the account back off jacobs. The council also, want a total breakdown of my income, which is all benefit related in any case. So a cheque, is winging its way over to jacobs, the account will be passed back to the council, and alls well again Thank you so much once again for all the help, I really do appreciate it Take care for now be safe nige
  11. re the bathing, could you have a word with the OT, regarding a wet room?, I know it isnt all that much help regarding the bathing aspect, but it really helped me with not being able to get in / out of the bath even for a shower. The entire process took approx 12 months from start to finish. But is well worth the time and effort involved. Also has your wife been to a Pain Management Group?, This is started with your GP. I went on mine bout 4 years ago, and found it really does help. Just a couple of ideas, that may or may not be of any use to you Hope your wife started feeling better be safe jgg
  12. hi hon.. is the hard drive still spinning?, if so, theres a good chance, you can still get the pics and any data off it.
  13. that is one heck of a gaming pc.. would love to get my hands on that, and see what i could push it too lol.. currently have a asus p5k, q6600, running at a cool 3.8ghz on air, with 6gb ram, and a 3870x2 gc. awesome overclocking board, and cpu combo.. self built bout 18 months ago, its the powerhorse for the workshop.. any chance of getting a refund off dell?, is it a possibility do you think?
  14. ha.. same here hallow. ive got customers chasing me left right and center for their computers.. phone going literally non stop, with customer queries, currently working in 5 pc's and a laptop.. just not enough hours in a day.. ahh well..
  15. thanks hallow. Consider it done. Well it will be on Monday. I really need to start work now, been working on this since approx 6am this morning, and have done none of my usual work.. .. Looks like its going to be a long hard slog till about midnight to play catch up lol thanks again. have a great day. speak soon. be safe nige
  16. would that show all activity.. ie details of conversations, letters etc?, if not would a sar do the trick?.. I really want to know why this guy put those figures on the account. apologies for all the questions.. thanks again nige
  17. Even if they cannot charge visit fees on teh same day for both accounts, wouldnt they have mentioned a visit date on the actual statement?, or would this be shown on the screen shot?, which is the next thing i'm thinking of asking for
  18. yep sorry re the link andie, made a almighty ahem mistake.. fixed it now though.
  19. Surely, if the OFT have issued guidance to the consumer credit licence holder in the debt ocllection industry, then Jacobs are goverened by them?, or am I reading this the way I want to read it, and they are not governed by them? Link to this is www.oft.gov.uk/advice_and_resources/resource_base/legal/cca/debt-collection
  20. Letter re 2008/9's account Statement of fees. No mention of the visit on the 9th October Letter re 2009/10's account Statement of fees. Again no mention of the visit on the 9th October
  21. UPDATE Just received a email off Jacobs, saying the following.. This is in receipt of the mail to the partners.. Dear Mr JGG JACOBS REFERENCE NUMBERS:- xxxx & xxxx Please find attached a copy of statements for your account which have also been sent in the post. We have been instructed by the Local Authority to collect the above accounts on their behalf and so all payments regarding said accounts should be made to us. We have been notified by Salford City Council of one payment made to them of £250.00 and have adjusted your account accordingly. If you are disputing the accounts then please contact them direct. We are not governed by the Office of Fair Trading and as we are acting on a Liability Order issued by the Magistrates Court our actions are not harrassment. Mr Bailiff has returned your accounts to our office, however we are unable to return the accounts to Salford City Council unless instructed to do so by them. In order to prevent further recovery action, please contact our office immediately with your sensible proposals to clear the outstanding balance. We trust the above is satisfactory and look forward to speaking to you soon. Yours faithfully JACOBS CERTIFICATED BAILIFFS
  22. I can remove the 2.10 parts a, and b from the email. That isnt a problem. As for the remainder you kindly sent, at the moment I dont think it applies, as he has not entered the property, and never will basically. The only issue I have is the vunerable situation. I have only spoke to this guy on teh phone, never seen him, and dont want to personally. so i'm not 100% sure what I could do with that info.. but thanks for sending it anyhow I have tipped your scales hallow, but it wont let me do it again for you andie, till i spread some 'love' around. Please rest assured when I can I will thanks again friends be safe nige
  23. Thanks hon. If it wasnt for your articulation, I would be nowhere.. I'm more of a hands on person, and writing letters / emails etc, would leave me bewildered.. Give me a computer to fix any day of the week lol.. Will send this off now, and let you know of the outcomes, both from jacobs, with the partner letter, and also this one to the council. thanks again, have a great day be safe nige
  24. Hi again, following advice from both Hallow, and Andie, I have put together this email. Any suggestions before I send it off? FAO Mr xxxxxx Re Council tax account number xxxxxx. Years 2008/9 and 2009/10 I note with interest your email received today with a breakdown of the amounts of council tax outstanding on council tax years 08/09 and 09/10. What worries me greatly is I have been given a different set of amounts by Mr Bailiff that was acting on behalf of Jacobs Bailiffs. Mt Bailiff quoted that 08/09 liability is £1042.34 and I will send a copy of the notice he gave me to substantiate this. If so requested by yourself. I would like you to explain how Jacobs and Mr Bailiff have demanded such an amount. Taking into account £42.50 that you confirm they have added to the account and £250 payments that have been made to this account, that still leaves an overcharge of £192.50. You also confirmed in your email that 09/10 stands at £1082.96 however I will send a copy of the notice he gave me to substantiate this. If so requested by yourself, from Jacobs Bailiffs and Mr Bailiff demanding payment of £1234.96 - a difference of £156.00 This I believe is illegal, Jacobs Bailiffs and/or Mr Bailiff have demanded £348.50 more than they are entitled to and as Jacobs and Mr Bailiff are acting as your agents you are responsible for their actions whilst conducting council business. This I feel is a complete shambles, how can you allow a company to act as your agent and seemingly try and profit by misleading people. I intend to file a complaint with the Office of Fair Trading, a copy of which will be forwarded to you on completion for your records, regarding the fact that despite both yourselves and Jacobs being aware of my vulnerable party status in being disabled they are continuing to harass me despite the fact I am making regular payments towards this debt. A council that allows this to happen to one of its disabled citizens is I believe seriously flawed. I will now assess whether to file a form 4 complaint with the court with which Mr Bailiff is registered due to their demanding of monies they are not legally entitled to. I realise I have a legal obligation to pay these outstanding arrears and have been doing so on a regular basis since 27th August, I am committed to paying these arrears and will continue to make payments of £150 per month direct to yourselves via your online payment system, this payment will be paid each month on the 28th of each calendar month. I am sure you will share my concerns about these demands for overpayment and will ensure that this does not happen in the future by allowing me to satisfy my obligation directly to yourselves. I do not believe there is any legal provision that says I cannot pay this money directly to yourselves, which I have been doing, with the online payment system, and will continue to do until such time as the debt is cleared. The complaint to the Office of Fair Trading, will comprise of but not limited to the following points raised, in conversations, both with Mr Bailiff, but also yourself. False representation of authority and/or legal position 2.4(b). falsely implying or stating that action can or will be taken when it legally cannot, for example, referring to bankruptcy or sequestration proceedings when the balance is too low to qualify for such proceedings or claiming a right of entry when no court order to this effect has been granted. Physical/psychological harassment . 2.6 (g). making threatening statements or gestures or taking actions which suggest harm to debtors 2.8 (i). failing to investigate and/or provide details as appropriate, when a debt is queried or disputed, possibly resulting in debtors being wrongly pursued 2.8 (k). not ceasing collection activity whilst investigating a reasonably queried or disputed debt. Charging for debt collection 2.10 (a) claiming collection costs from a debtor in the absence of express contractual or other legal provision b. misleading debtors into believing they are legally liable to pay collection charges when this is not the case, for example, when there is no contractual provision c. not giving an indication in credit agreements of the amount of any charges payable on default d. applying unreasonable charges, for example, charges not based on actual and necessary costs e. applying charges which are disproportionate to the main debt. Debt collection visits 2.11 Those visiting debtors must not act in an unclear or threatening manner. 2.12 Examples of unfair practices are: a. not making the purpose of any proposed visit clear, for example, merely stating that collectors or field agents will call is not sufficient b. visiting a debtor when it is known they are vulnerable, for example, when a doctor's certificate has been provided stating that the debtor is ill c. continuing with a visit when it becomes apparent that the debtor is distressed or otherwise vulnerable, for example, it becomes apparent that the debtor has mental health problems f. visiting or threatening to visit debtors without prior agreement when the debt is deadlocked or disputed1 g. not giving adequate notice of the time and date of a visit2 Also in our telephone conversation of yesterday, you claimed that the guidance of being disabled is no longer in force. Can I suggest that you have a look at the Ministry of Justice website, under the National Standards For Enforcement Agents of May 2002, which states Those who might be potentially vulnerable include: the elderly; people with a disability; the seriously ill; the recently bereaved; single parent families; pregnant women; unemployed people; and, those who have obvious difficulty in understanding, speaking or reading English Therefore under these conditions, and of those of the OFT, I am fully classed as a venerable person, and request once again that the account is taken back off Jacobs Bailiffs. I will satisfy the fees that Jacobs have placed on the account that you have confirmed to be a total of £42.50. These fees will be paid, as soon as the debt is cleared for both years council tax. A cheque will be issued to Jacobs. No other form of payment will be offered to Jacobs. I ask that you do not contact me by telephone again, and all further correspondence be sent either via electronic mail, or by Royal Mail. I also request that you confirm in writing the receipt of this letter and investigate this matter as an urgent priority. Yours Sincerely JGG
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