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  1. Hi... Please help I am very confused about 'Overdraft charges', these were applied to my account every month as a charge for using the overdraft facility. Can I claim these back? Also the 2 accounts I had,both were closed in 2004, if I add the 8% interest at the court stage, which I am about to start do I add it to date or to the date the account was closed? Very:confused:
  2. The Overdraft charges are not interest, they are a charge for using the overdraft facility, some charges are £5 others are £25. Also as the account was closed in 2004 if I claim interest at the 8% you suggest do I claim to date or to when I closed the account???
  3. This is my 1st post and I would like to say Hi:) to everyone. I have sent LBA letters and am now at the stage when I must make a small claim via the courts. I don't know what to do??? I have Overdraft charges on my account, which vary in amounts (but add up to over £300), can I claim these back or just the Unauthorised overdraft charges? Please help as the last letter I sent stated that I would be starting court action after 14 days, but I don't know what I should do!
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