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  1. just thought i would add as i dont want to seem non responsive, after today i will only be able to check this site every few days as i will be working away, however please still pass on your guidance as it will be greatly appreciated
  2. hopefully these pdfs are easier to read pdf003.pdf pdf004.pdf pdf005.pdf
  3. after thinking this was all over and i had lost my claim i recieved a letter from yorkshire bank yesterday and thought i would come back here to check if anybody was in the same boat. it now seems that there still may be hope ?? thats why i am back here to find out of you helpfull guys in summary i started the slog back in 2007 firstly getting all my statements back, going through what charges had occurred ect turns out i am owed roughly 2.5k. i proceeded with all the template letters and i finally got a court date at around August/september 2008. as you will know this was the time when all the stays were issued on all the claims proceeding to court......yes i just missed out, drats. anyway after continuous research and reading in the news on all the court proceedings thank the banks were going through i felt it did not look good for me and i had basically given up on getting my money, however i recieved this letter ((attached)) and was wondering if anybody has had this and what i could do next? please help if you can thanks
  4. hi guys i havnt posted on here for a while as i thought this was all dead and burried (glad you guys are here). just recieved a letter from yorkshire bank basically stating that there has been a test case, what the test case was about, results of test case and then a letter to be signed by myself for a notice of discontinuance. im obviously not going to sign this but i need to know what or if i should do anything?, im owed around 2.5k and my case was stayed with about 1 week before i was due in court any help would be great thanks guys
  5. maybee you are right, i cant remember anything about a judgement but then again im not sure were the letter is i recieved from the bank, its been so long. ill keep looking at this thread incase anything arises but i dont think my advice would be sufficient.
  6. i was under the impression we were waiting for the final ruling, and we could be waiting for a long time. it seems to have gone a awefull lot quiet on this front which i suspect is bad news,
  7. hi, i am so glad someone has posted on here again. i too am totaly out of the loop now, my case was put on hold 2 weeks before i was due in court and i am none the wiser were i stand? any help and i would be very interested to listen
  8. havnt posted on here for a while, im just looking for some updated info on were we are with claims. i did have a claim scheduled for court back in sept 07 but becuase of the test case this was stayed. should i be doing anything else or do i have to wait for the result of the test case, if so will the banks get in touch or will i have to chase them?
  9. thats helps alot jan thanks, can i just ask what you mean by 'sol'?? thanks
  10. i have just had my claim stayed (was due for 7th sept) it was stayed by the courts own innitiative, could you give me any advice as to what i should do now?
  11. i trust by now you got the same letter as me this morning along with my father who are also appearing (or were) the 7th sept in teesside courts im currently looking for a letter template to lift the stay, i would advise you to do the same, if i get any infor i will post on here
  12. B*****DS the courts have lodged a stay on my claim 2 weeks before i am meant to appear, all this hard work ive put in from january now seems a bloody wast of time is there any way i can get this lifted via a letter of any sort any help i would greatly appreciate
  13. how do i calculate my daily intrest? when i started my claim back in january i calculated my intrest based on 8% of what i was claiming (£1800 approx) so now am i able to claim a daily intrest on top of this untill my court date (sept 7th) this confuses the heck out of me, any help greatly appreciated
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