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  1. Hi EveryoneWell we have had.... NO RESPONSE at all from Thomas Cook.Would you suggest that I write again or contact a solicitor?Many Thanks
  2. No it's not a problem. I'm mad I've been underpaid for 2 years and I'm only just finding this out. I'm also mad that they have made a mistake and owe me money but to compensate themselves for their error they want me to pay back something that the agreed I didn;t owe them 2 years ago.
  3. Hi, I got to work this morning to find a meeting invite from my Department Head for this afternoon. It simply said 'to discuss issues that have become apparent with your contract and salary'. I've been stressed all day worrying I've been overpaid or something. In the meeting I find out I have been underpaid fo the last 2 years to the tune of £1800. They are going to pay be back (great) but.... When I went back to work 2 years ago after Maternity Leave I was called to a meeting with HR and told they had overpaid me by £360. They wanted it back. When I questioned why it had
  4. Wow - that's great - thanks again everyone.I'll post back when the letters are written.
  5. Thank you so much everyone. It's nice sometimes for people to agree that you are justified in feeling that you have been badly treated. Complaints letter and emails to CEO etc to be composed this weekend. Thanks againx
  6. Sorry just checked again and that is Thomson's policy (d'oh) Thomas Cook policy... Chicken Pox: Clear to travel 7 days following appearance of rash As such we should have been allowed to fly i.e. rash appeared Monday we were due to fly early hours of Monday. Plus how do they know when the rash appears??? We could have said it came up on the plane on the way there!!
  7. Ok - thanks very much for your help - I'm going to go though it with a fine toothcomb! I've just checked their policy: 'What is your policy on travelling with chickenpox, or other infectious diseases? You are able to travel 7 days after the last spot or rash has appeared. Please provide a fitness to fly letter from your doctor.' I guess my problem is that the Thomas Cook reps weren;t aware of their own policy! At no point were we tld any of this. Also I appreciate the above is a general rule however this was secific to my daughter andwe wer told she wasn't infectious b a docto
  8. Myself my partner and my 2 children aged 5 and 2 went on holiday to Turkey with Thomas Cook arriving on Mon 28/05/12 (early hours). On the Monday my daughter developed a rash and small raised bumps on her back. I thought it was a reaction to the sun or suncream. Changed the suncream and applied more often. Tuesday rash also to back Wednesday/Thursday some spots on torso (we thought she had been bitten). Friday covered in spots head-to-toe. We hadn't even considered chicken pox as our son had had it twice and she had never caught it so thought she was immune.
  9. Hi, Good thinking! Didn't even occur to me. I emailed them asking for it this afternoon but I've had no response. Anyone have any other ideas how to proceed? Thanks
  10. Hi everyone, I took a payday loan out wih Speedycash on 20/07 for £305 in a moment of desperation. I had still not received the money into my account the next day even though they said it would be funded in an hour. I sent them an email sayin that I had not received the funds and nor did I any longer wish to receive them. I asked them NOT to fund my bank account and to remove my details from their system. When I checked online banking on the Monday 25/07 they had transferred the funds to my accounbt on Friday afternoon. I checked their website where they had this information
  11. Hi Ims Thanks for replying. Yes I guess I did! went onto their website and followed their published proceedure for the PPI request. Ok I'll send off a SAR this weekend - cheers.
  12. Morning, I filled i the qustionnaire from RBS off their website to reclaim PPI on an old loan. I gave them my acount number from which they took the payments out as I don't have any paperwork from the loan itself. They have repled saying 'we are taking your claim seriously...' 'we are unable to progress this matter further as you have not provided us with details of the specific policy or loan account number you wish to complain about'. Can anyone advise where to go from here? I presumed since this is the only loan I've ever had with them and the payments were taken out of the accoun
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