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  1. am v happy today! 28 days till we go on holiday so it will b an even better one than usual
  2. WE WON !!!!! Recieved allocation form from the court today and also letter from Nationwide saying they have refunded in full. £1311.64 in charges £120.00 court fee £136.10 in interest. We have arranged to go and get the money Saturday morning, overdraft is paid now and they didint close the account although we WILL be doing it ourselves! Good riddence I say. I am so peed off that NW are allowed to drag out these claims and play the courts for fools. They never intend to go to court (of course we all have to presume we might be the one who will) and then pay at the last minute. This site is just amazing, I have had such good advice especially from MTM. It can be a very daunting prospect taking a large corperation to court but the support from here is very empowering and I for one wasnt gonna let the buggers beat us. Thank you guys, I am going to carry on coming in and trying to help others if I can. (end of Oscar style speech! turns to walk away clutching her Nationwide letter of repayment)
  3. MTM Never saw a box saying blonde, deluded male on a grants application form b4 Hehehe!
  4. Sorry meant to say this is why the credit score had been reduced.
  5. Quicky update and so the saga goes on.................................................. It seems as my husband had contacted NW debt dept about the U/A they have set up an 'arrangement' for payment as he said he would pay a small payment on 1st July (men eh??!!) Secondly we recieved this email from Eversheds today Dear Sir, Regarding your claim, we at Eversheds have filed a defence at court on 21/06/2007 stating that our client Nationwide Building Society has denied your claim in the first instance. Our client is still investigating your claim and will update us shortly. If you have further enquiries, please do not hesitate to ask me. MTM you were right but they did it a day early!! I suppose I wait for the court to send me all the relevants now. Do I need to start preparing my court bundle do you think? I am swotting up on doing the Allocation form etc at the moment. It seems to be so unfair for the NW to draw this out with each claim when their intention in the main is to pay! Any advice appreciated. Jane
  6. Well a funny thing has happened................... I received a credit report alert today from Experian. As advised via this forum we checked our credit report online and felt we would subscribe to keep a check on things. Today I received an alert saying there was a change to my husbands report. When I logged on it said his unauthorised overdraft was cleared which I can only presume as we havent paid...............they have paid . So tomorrow we will be checking the balance of the account ( by going in) and fingers crossed it is all good Will update tomorrow x MTM Would never settle for less than we are claiming....court bundle is ready to go! I do still believe in giving them a chance ...extra time etc due to levels of claims after all that would go in MY favour in court. I appreciate all your advice and have taken every word (except for the hair colour thing ) very seriously and have learnt so much. Hey it aint over till the fat lady sings and that isnt me!!!!
  7. Right I phoned and confirmed with the court this morning that NW date was indeed up at 4pm yesterday. I sent an email to Catherine Price and copy to Stephen Price as these were the only email addresses I could find on here. Here is what I wrote ( taken from another thread on here and jiggled about a bit) I refer to my current claim against Nationwide Building Society who had until 4pm yesterday 20/06/07 to file a defence with Canterbury County Court. I am mindful of the vast majority of claims with which you are currently dealing and in order to more speedily resolve this matter, I am willing to accept the sum of £1567.74. I hope to hear from you by 27th June so that a reasonable conclusion to this claim might be achieved otherwise I will file a Judgement by Default. I am sure that the courts would approve of our settling this matter in a timely manner and without their further intervention. Hope it sounds ok?
  8. I have found 2 email addresses for Eversheds here but does anyone know the phone number?
  9. Quick update for all....... Recieved an Acknowledgement of Service dated 30th May and have been patiently waiting for NW to proceed. I rang the court today just as a matter of interest to see if anything had happened where I was told NW responded with an intention to defend the claim on the 23rd May meaning they have until 4 pm TODAY ! The lady at the court told me unless somone actually went to the court today and manually file a defence then I could enter a judgement by default tomorrow. I would like to give them a little longer as I have been watching other threads where people have given NW a few extra days as they are busy 'bless them' I would like to email Eversheds, also like others have done so can anyone give me the email address and advice as to what to write. Thanks guys
  10. Sorry if I am sounding dim but what is an IVA supervisor??
  11. CONGRATULATIONS TRISTAR I am sooooooo pleased for you, it has given me a boost knowing someone in a similar situation has been refunded. Hubby put his cash point card in a machine ( was a silly thing to do I did tell him to ask over the counter) and had his card retained for 'unauthorised usage' and no checking online for us either. So maybe we will have to wait for a letter. Tristar have a great time with your winnings, wish me luck! Jane
  12. Yes keep me updated Roll on 27th for me.....I would like it to all be over now! Yes I only have an Acknowledgement too at this moment in time wonder if they will put a defence in by 28 days or run over like they seem to be doing with alot of people? Time will tell Good luck 2 u tooJane
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